Tidying my Blog and Goodreads ~ Join Me?

Hey lovelies! At the time of writing this, I’m not even sure how many others will be joining me. I know a few people are, hopefully. Basically I want to go through and tidy up my blog, my goodreads because well I like being semi organised. Not just this but I tend to be more active around the Autumn/Winter months, as it’s colder and I’m a total night owl.

I’m going to go ahead now and outline what you’ll need to do, to join me in tidying up either your blog or/and your goodreads.



This list is literally comprised of the stuff I have to get to done, it’s not set that you HAVE to do everything on this list. Hell you may just want to focus on one thing, like my list is huge, I’m doing a freaking huge tidy up. I have time, I know not everyone does.

Edit old links – this is meaning on your post links, you may have some or a whole batch which need editing. Making shorter, making them fit with others and so on.

Format old posts – maybe you have certain posts which belong in a series, and you want them to all look nice, formatted and like they belong as a series. If so that may mean you need to go back and format the old posts, edit in graphics etc

Update Pages – you know the pages we have in our menus? Yeah those, particularly for reviews you may need to check and make sure they’re all up to date.

Update About Me page – or maybe you need to create an About Me Page? Either way, it’s important that this page is updated, checked on occasion.

Sidebar – our sidebars can often get cluttered, so declutter them! Give them a structure, sort out your social medias on there add a bio widget. Get that sidebar sorted

Create graphics – you could also choose to use this time to sit down and create/source some graphics to use for your blog, it takes time so make time for it now!

Like I said earlier, you don’t have to all of these, hell you could just do one, and maybe you only have a dozen posts to format and the odd link to edit. It counts, cause it’s gonna take time to sit there and go through editing everything. You may finish your list quicker than others, so you can always hop onto twitter and cheer us on (and also help distract us from this mountain of work we gave ourselves xD)

blue and lilac hearts


Again this is just a suggestion of stuff you could do, you know what you have to do, so just use this as a loose guide to help out 🙂

Shelves – I know my shelves are getting out of hand, they need a tidy up, do yours?

Multiple editions – ok so if you’re like me, you like to click ‘read’ or ‘to read’ on a book in the format you are either going to read it in or have read it in. But sometimes the formats we don’t read sneak their way in or we’ve duplicated on the book. It’s time so sort out the duplications

Right cover – again I like seeing the cover I actually read or the cover which is prettier, that can be a huge headache to go through and sort it all out, right covers are a must for some

Culling the TBR shelf – maybe you just want to work on getting rid of some of the books on your TBR shelf on GR, if so great. I wish you look, pop by my twitter for virtual cake and tea haha

blue and lilac hearts


  • Create a post on your blog outlining what you hope to get done in the month – link back to this post so others can find it and also so I can give you some love.

  • If you don’t have a blog but have goodreads and a twitter, then tweet about it and mention me @eloisethewriter  in your tweet. Create a thread if needed, again to outline what you hope to accomplish

  • You can join now, in a few weeks, mid way through August, whenever. If you don’t have twitter though you can’t join, as that’s where we’ll reside to cheer each other on. Complain about how much stuff we have to get done etc.

  • I will also be creating a twitter list, meaning everyone who’s taking part will get added to a list called ‘August Blog/GR Tidy’. That way we can filter out everyone who’s taking part, easier to see what everyone’s up to etc.



Go at your own pace, I’ll be about on twitter throughout the month, working away at it; as I have a lot of stuff to get through. Which you’ll see when I set out my sign up post. If you have any questions about this, tweet me/DM me or leave a comment below. Whether there’s two of us or 12, it’s meant to be a bit of fun whilst doing a very tedious and frustrating task.

So will you be joining me? At least if you join, you’ll be semi productive and we can try and keep one another accountable, aaaand who knows make new friends? 

love clo



38 thoughts on “Tidying my Blog and Goodreads ~ Join Me?

  1. I mentioned this on your weekly wrapup already, but I am definitely joining! It’s quite late now where I live, so I’ll make my Twitter account tomorrow and make sure to follow you!

    Also, I love the phrase “semi-productive”, it’s like we know we still won’t be able to call ourselves productive, let’s just…. settle for that 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha can’t wait to have you on ma twitter! and duh I’m sometimes semi-productive and sometimes I can be a productive procrastinator…in both instances we’re still not actually being totally productive and we’re still sorta procrastinating on the thing we were meant to do

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  2. This is fantastic! You have a wonderful outline 🖤 I am hoping to tackle some of GR and blog come the beginning of August of time allows. We now have a vacation to plan and a few things distracting me, but I will make sure to link back when I do! I love that you took so much initiative and planned it out so well 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooo this is very very perfect timing because I’m planning on writing a blogging goals check-in post and updating them for the rest of the year. ^_^

    Despite so much time on my hands right now (they say I’m ambition and therefore I should succeed but I haven’t had any luck with internships nor have I put in so much effort so am I really that ambitious???) I haven’t done much blog cleaning since I moved to WordPress… oops.

    Liked by 1 person

    • See you’re smart, you tidy as you go alone, I don’t I just let it all pile up till it’s a mountain haha xD Well even if you have a short checklist you could join in anyway 😉


  4. I recently did some tidying up that you mentioned doing for your blog. 🙂 I tend to keep up decently with the blog though I rarely look back at the older blog posts haha. I do need to get on goodreads though. I haven’t tidied there in a while.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is like SUCH a good idea!! I’m so annoyed at myself for being super busy this month or else I would’ve joined in!! I seriously need to like…um…burn my blog archives. 😂😂And fix up old reviews?! Like it’s a pure nightmare down there. My Goodreads is actually relatively tidy (although I could probably cull the to-read list but THAT’S SOOO HARD). 😂I wish you all the best with this though and hope you get a ton done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You busy in August? Cause that’s when we’re doing it, like all through August so you can join in any time if you find you’ve got some free time 😉 You goodreads shelves are tidy and I want them Cait, I had a snoop at them the other day xD

      Ah I need to go through and format all my reviews so they’re in the same format and edit in a bunch of stuff on old posts, basically, I’ve got a mountain to do and I’m scared xD Thanks Cait! I’m sure you’ll see me tweeting about it come August and how it’s trying to eat me alive haha


  6. Such a good idea. I especially love the idea of spending some time to make graphics for the blog – that’s something I haven’t really done yet and it’d probably help my blog a lot to add some cool designs and graphics. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No worries, so you’ll be joining us? Blog graphics are great, time consuming but when you get it right and you’ve done them that feeling is unlike anything


  7. Oops. I’ve had this bookmarked for weeks but apparently never formally joined up. Nothing like last minute, is there!?

    I’ll write a proper post about it tomorrow, but essentially I want to interlink my posts properly (linking up tag posts with their review counterparts for example) and just edit my older posts into the format I use now.

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