Why I don’t Separate My Blog Life from My Personal Life


So this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while now. Mainly because I feel like I’m one of the few, who don’t actually separate their blog person with their real person. What I mean by this, is that a lot of us bloggers use a pen name or part of our real name or…we go by a totally different name online for our blog. Furthermore we also separate our social media profiles by having multiple accounts one set specifically for our blog, the other for personal.

If you’re new here, you may not know this but my instagram and twitter profile are my personal and blog accounts. I don’t separate them. (although the instagram account which is now linked, is my bookstagram account) Today I thought I’d talk about why I personally don’t, why other might have to or choose to, as well as why it’s something I don’t plan on doing unless absolutely needed.

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Now there’s nothing wrong with merging your personal life and blog life, equally there’s nothing wrong with separating them. It’s your choice and your life at the end of the day. As someone who likes having everything in one place, I can’t deal with multiple accounts. I have a second account on instagram, which I rarely use because erm…I don’t have the courage to make a mess of my books and find stuff to take artsy picture. I’m lazy and hate tidying up afterwards. (edit: I’m slowly trying to get there with being artsy haha, could take a while though) Also short attention span here, unless it’s reading or writing…or drawing.

Before I get into why I don’t do a whole lot of separation with my personal life and blog life, let’s discuss why a lot of you peeps do separate them a bit.

It’s not a secret you lose out by not having an online presence. I grew up without one for the most part, I got Facebook at 13, Wattpad in May of 2015. 2015 was really the year when I had social media, not that I had a clue what I was doing. Instagram I got in 2016 though, I know from my own life that people spend more time online then they do in reality.

They have to be checking their social media accounts, seeing whose commented on their post, liked a tweet. And that’s all good if you’re using it for your own life. And it’s not also an account used, to showcase you as a person for something else in our case as a blogger. In my case mine all showcase me as a bookblogger, reader, writer, fangirl and general sarcastic weirdo. It’s what you get with me and if someone isn’t a fan of who I am, that’s totally ok.

The problem you get is when you have a job, other commitments like a family, kids to raise. You have to make that choice then I guess, if you want to create a totally separate account say on twitter, just for your blog. You also have to decide in your own mind, how much of yourself you’re willing to share online. Once you’ve shared it, you can’t take it back, likewise with photos. Sure delete them, they’re not gone forever. They’re still out there, that’s why it’s really important to be careful about what information you release online. As well as how you go about separating your online life from your personal life.

Being a blogger doesn’t mean you have to share everything with your readers, in fact you don’t have to share anything about yourself with the readers. But by keeping everything to yourself – it will make it undoubtedly hard for your readers to connect with you. Names are a great example as a lot of us do a bit of reinventing with our blogselves, new name = new side of me.

I like knowing a name to put to a blog, equally many of us like knowing there’s a face to a blog. You don’t even have to show your whole face, you can cover it with a book! (books are just super useful!)

We may choose to separate ourselves due to not wanting friends, family knowing about our online hobby, ahem blogging. I get it, not everyone gets our love for books nor could they understand, why we spend hours writing posts and formatting them. Another reason is depending on your job, you are representing the place you work for/at on your socials. It’s why some of us may only use our first name and not use our surname or just make up a surname.

The point is there are many reasons why you may decide to separate yourself from your blog life and that’s totally ok. I get you, here’s why I don’t though.

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I’m really bad at juggling multiple accounts, it’s bad enough with all the social medias out there that I attempt to keep up with. The main reason though that if you follow me on twitter you’ll probably see a variety of tweets about books, writing, college, a boyband (RoadTrip) is because it all is part of who I am. I am more than just the books I read, although they make up a huge part of my life; I have a life and I’m in a position to be able to share that life with you, within reason. Some parts of my life I choose not to share, because no one needs to know everything about a person.

Another reason I don’t separate my social accounts to have dedicated accounts for my blog is well…I would literally forget they existed. I started my blog already having a decent following on twitter. I also don’t care who in my real life knows about my blog, it’s my blog, and if you want to read it fine thanks for the views my friend. My blog is a part of what makes me, just like with reading, writing. But it’s not my only interest, I have college and I have other thoughts and feelings I sometimes share on twitter.

The main downside to this…is I have to remember not to go too crazy with tons of tweets about things unrelated to books. There’s this happy medium I have to get right, to balance out my content on twitter particularly for you all. My instagram is my personal instagram (it was my personal instagram, I changed it to my bookstagram but my personal account on insta is @eloisethewriter) which I chose to share with you guys because I’m not talented enough for bookstagram xD but I hope you enjoy random selfies and updates on my life instead.

One of the plus sides for me, is that I have one account on twitter, one for instgram etc that acts as my account for both my personal life and blog life. Everything’s in one place, which really suits me down to a T. I also, thanks to this series, have been chatting about some topics which I’m passionate about. The topics may not always be shown within books, but they’re relevant and I am a person who likes to chat about deep topics. As this is my blog it’s also a great platform for me to chat about more than just books.

Yes, I’m proud to be a bookblogger, bookworm, reader, writer but I am interested and have opinions on other things that aren’t related to those things. And I hope that around my blog, you can find something interesting to read 🙂 if not I’m doing something wrong *chuckles*


Do you separate your personal life from your blog life? If so how much, do you wish you didn’t or are you glad you did? If you’re like me, do
you wish you had separated your blog life from your personal. As if you don’t start by doing it, it’s pretty hard to introduce that separation further
down the line.

love clo



49 thoughts on “Why I don’t Separate My Blog Life from My Personal Life

  1. I actually do use different social media, but… In a different way xD as a private person, I don’t really use a social media 😀 but that’s also to do with the fact that in real life, I speak another language. And I don’t really like talking to a lot of my Facebook friends who are mostly people I haven’t talked to in years and just know by some random coincidence and have nothing in common with. I also never had a Twitter before blogging, because Twitter is just.. not a thing in my country. Nobody has it xD everyone just has Facebook. So I never even had to separate it much xD I also never had an instagram before having a blog. So it’s the only one I’ve got xD you could say I only have a social internet presence at all when it comes to the blog 😀 otherwise? I’m a total grandma 😀 hahaha..

    I wouldn’t like to share half the stuff I share with my real life Facebook friends though. Mostly because they always find something negative and mean to say. That’s why I hate Facebook, really. It’s not about jobs, nobody looks at that here (only Linkedin). It’s that people who know me? Are mostly mean! So I’m more the real me with you guys. On my bookish social media. How odd is that 🙂

    …Plus, working ON social media means that a lot of your actual business clients have added you on Facebook merely for the purpose of adding you to their ads managers. So I have a lot of weird random business people in my Facebook xD

    But since I only started with both Twitter and Bookstagram as I started my blog, I started off with literally zero follows. What you see is all built up from scratch in less than two years xD

    Which reminds me. What is that new Litsy handle of yours 😀

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  2. I totally agree with you!

    Apart of tumblr, where I have 4 different blogs (but all linked together) all my other accounts are personnal ones. I just despite logging on and off all the time 😂 I know I shouldnt, but im always logged in at all time on my stuff 🤷🏽‍♀️

    I also love to overshare, for someone who also is quite paranoid.. the irony 😂 I’ll willingly speak about me owning my blog to pretty much anyone if they’re willing to listen to me. I’ll even show them a specific post if I want to! Yep, that blog is also a part of me; and hell do we have to work for it. I’m so not ashamed of that, nor passing so many time on it; its mine and I get to speak about what I want 😘

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  3. WOOO SOMETHING I WANT TO TALK ABOUT AS WELL. But you know… I use a pen name but I had to tack on my actual name and omg it was quite stressful indeed. It’s probably still stressful and confusing for some people. I can’t handle having two accounts either, which is why I merge the two together (plus a nice personal touch here and there among books – deal with it or bye bye! Wait, am I too cruel). It was a huge step putting my face out there though, so I chose to cover it with a book for awhile and here I am with an actual face on other social media accounts (ha… I need to change WordPress).

    I definitely started out feeling nervous about sharing it with friends though, so I did it for myself before slowly letting others know about it. Most people are actually okay with it, which is a bonus, though the one person I would love to support me (and I get her reasons – our financial situation isn’t great so money is important) “shuns” me for it.

    I think it’s great you’re not separating it though! It’ll be easier if you want to use it for your career and you can use it as part of your portfolio. It’s a little harder for me since I’ll either have to a) change my name legally (I mean, I want to one day in the future) or b) somehow incorporate creatively that it’s my pen name. Facebook, though… well… what’s really weird is Facebook suggests bloggers to be friends and I’m just ??? This is awkward, can we not, Facebook? There are a few people I’d add though or have added me, which I’m okay with depending on who it is. I am not okay with random authors or publicists messaging me out of the blue saying HEY WANT TO REVIEW MY BOOK?

    Um… no? Thanks? Get out of my account and how the heck did you find me?

    My Twitter account is actually from my gaming years, so most of the people who followed me from gaming either a) unfollowed me, b) supported by book blogging because hey, blogging about games isn’t for everyone! You do you, girly, we support you, or c) they’re fellow book nerds too and that means they support me automatically because I’ll bring them the books. ^_^

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    • Oh my life, such a long comment, but such an interesting read. I once went by a pen name when I was on wattpad of Hayley Ryan but like…when I got twitter and everything, I sort of decided to just become a wee bit more transparent.

      Facebook I think unless it’s your page, your account of Facebook still seems to feel like a really ‘private’ place like if people find you it’s almost like ‘how did you find me? cue our meltdowns haha.

      I think whilst money is important in all our lives, as it lets us have food, a home etc. It’s never going to be able buy you true love, true happiness or people who will stand by you. (of course it can buy us books so in a way it buys us happiness but otherwise it doesn’t)


  4. Until very recently I have been managing multiple accounts to separate my blog/book reviewer life and my personal life. But just like you said here, it is very hard to manage multiple accounts. Plus, there were so many times when I wanted to share more of myself with the community–after all I am not **just** a book blogger.

    Really love this post. You have a really cool blog and I look forward to reading more from you ❤

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    • Ah yes, separate accounts is hard to juggle, I tip my hat to those who can juggle all those multiple accounts though. But it can just be really tiring and draining because there’s more to life that social media juggling. Indeed, I sometimes feel like a lot of people will judge us readers/bookbloggers as literally only having an interest in reading/blogging. When in fact, we have a lot more that we can discuss, chat about and more interests usually than just reading.

      Ah thank you so much! Hope you enjoy my other posts 🙂


  5. Amazing write-up Chloe 🙂 No one in my life is a reader, so when I started making different accounts and the blog it became very difficult for me to make all of them understand why I am so much active on Social media. True, I can’t make them understand everything I need to do with my blog. And the consequence of this is that now everyone thinks that I am too active and busy on social networks and on my blog and doesn’t have time for my personal life. That really sucks, you know.

    It definitely is hard to maintain multiple accounts. I had Twitter for quite a few years but I never used it. I started it again after I made my blog and I don’t have a personal account there. There is no point in even creating a separate one as no one in my family or friends really use it.

    I have a separate personal Instagram account though. I sued to post there regularly but since I have created the bookstagram account, I rarely engage with my personal one. On Facebook I have a separate page for my blog.

    Yes, it is difficult to handle multiple things at a time, but at the same time you don’t want to show everyone your blogging stuff who doesn’t even care. For example, I can’t think to share my posts on Facebook’s personal profile because there everyone will be irritated.

    So yes, it totally depends upon you, how you want to manage the things and what is best for you 🙂 Totally sharing this post in my monthly wrap-up.

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    • Ah thank you so much Simant! I think a common misconception people have with social media, is that it’s just a place where you lose time, you’re talking to people who you don’t even know if they are who they say they are and people tend to think that a lot of my generation spend too much time on social media.

      I suppose we do spend too much time online in a way, we become disconnected from our own lives at times because we start to care more about instagram likes, retweets etc than going outside and having an adventure. But at the same time, I’ve met so many amazing people thanks to being online.

      It’s both a terrifying and wonderful place the online world is, just like our world, but it is for many people a place they feel more at home in than in their own homes. Because people they connect with tend to reflect their own interests, and it makes them feel like they belong.

      For me I’m lucky in that my family understand to an extent why I’m online so much and also I have a best friend who’s as big a bookworm as I am. But being able to interact with so many other bookworms online and other people all over the world – it’s helped to open my eyes and see how the countries are in different stages development wise.

      It’s reminded me that yes, I am a white British girl who drinks tea and I have privileges that I take for granted because we get trapped in this bubble at times.

      Handling multiple accounts though is the end of me, I’m a terrible multitasker and eeek thank you so much!

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  6. Interesting! I use my real name and don’t separate my accounts. I don’t think I could handle multiple accounts. It would be too overwhelming. My blog followers will just have to put up with lots of dog photos and the occasional anti-Trump meme.

    I do keep some things private. I don’t put a lot of photos of myself or people I know in real life on social media. I also don’t talk about my family or IRL friends very often. I’m very conscious of privacy. I don’t want to blab about other people to online strangers.

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    • Ahaha I think your followers can put up with that, I certainly can 🙂

      Hmmm I keep certain things private more so about my family than my friends but I also don’t post a lot about my friends haha.


  7. This is such a wonderful post that so many of us can relate to! I love that you do not separate and enjoy the more personal aspect of it all. I choose not to use a pen name and remain pretty open on my own account, but have to keep some of my social media separate due to personal issues that require me to keep certain accounts on private. Otherwise, I would happily merge them! Juggling is not my thing Haha and I love sharing who I am with all of you. I am pretty personal about some matters but those things do not go on any of my social media period 😉 I try to remain conscious of the internet and what we put there stays there so merging accounts would be a blessing if I were able 💜

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    • Ah yes, the good ol’ saying which will always be true ‘what you put online stays there forever’ it’s great really, I think we tend to forget it at times because we tend to be living in the ‘now’. We forget that we’re all getting older and even if you delete stuff, it’ll no doubt resurface later on. So it always pays to keep in mind what you post.

      I do enjoy the personal aspect of sharing stuff online, I think it’s also because I just like connecting with people and I hope that by being a bit more personal it allows others to connect to me etc.

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  8. Great post! I would love to have everything in the one place but I’ve gone down the separate route. Why? As a couple of others have said – I’m not ready for my friends to know I blog. There would be negative comments and the random “but why??”
    For now, doubles of everything will do (I do need a list of passwords tho!)

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    • Thank you! Ah well I totally get your reasons, it’s always a nerve wracking thing because we know 9/10 times they won’t get why we blog/read etc and just end up being negative instead.

      Passwords are a pain, I feel your pain haha


  9. The reason I keep my two lives separate is that I guess privacy? And also because I don’t want tpeop.e to see me because of my race or my age. I just want them to judge me from my reviews and my ability as a reviewer. I don’t know, I feel like my blog is not big enough to have this becoming a serious problem. But I can deifnitely see your point through yoru pesecptive in this post! You go girl!


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  10. So many things to think about!

    My facebook is personal. I don’t have any bloggers as friends (not because I wouldn’t but because it hasn’t come up). I DO use it for a couple of blogger groups but they’re closed groups so private.
    I have a facebook page for the blog but I’m pants at keeping it updated and really just want to delete it but I feel like having one is expected…

    I set up an Instagram for my blog. I had visions of doing the whole ‘bookstagrammer’ thing then realised I’m not creative enough – or have the time – to be one. *Shrugs* Now its mostly just pictures of whatever I feel like (cats, places, food) interspersed with books. I didn’t have an instagram before setting one up for the blog so it feels right to have it a blend of both me and books.

    Twitter is another thing I didn’t really have before book blogging. I don’t keep it solely to books – I post tv, movies, life snippets – but I try to not be political (for example) on it just because I figure people follow mostly because of books and books should be an escape from the crap of the world (e.g. politics).

    I use my first name – and my surname isn’t a secret) but I keep my other half and kids names out of it. I post pictures but don’t show faces in order to retain some level of anonymity mostly for work purposes and – maybe a bit paranoid here – for security.

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    • Interesting, I legit don’t keep up with my Facebook page either I just linked it to the sharing part for my posts so it automatically shares to the page, when I post. Otherwise I just let it be. I have two insta accounts, my personal one where recently it’s a bunch of selfies and lyrics as a caption (original I know) and then I started a bookstagram but like it’s dead atm cause I’m trying to figure out how I want to approach it.

      My twitter is a mix of me, I’m not really political though, I tend to just ignore it like I have other things to tweet about like how many cups of tea I’ve had #priorities and the whole security thing isn’t all that paranoid tbh. I guess it’s up to the person to decide how much of themselves they’re wiling to give away to the internet 🙂


  11. This is such an interesting post, and I don’t keep things separate because I don’t want to juggle multiple accounts. I all but abandoned my Facebook account (I log on just to post on the work page I manage), but my Twitter was my personal account that wasn’t really used so I decided to mesh it together. In that way my followers get books and other things of interest from me; and friends who connected on m ghost-twitter now see my blog stuff. I don’t really talk about the blog IRL much but I don’t care if they see it. I HAVE started other social media accounts as a result of my blog though – such as Pinterest – and I see myself using those more just for the blog.

    I like sharing bits about my life to my followers though, and learning bits about others helps me connect with them and their content. I am a pretty private person and a bit cautious about giving out too many details, but there is a happy balance that I think I manage.

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    • Thanks for reading! That’s pretty much what I did with my twitter haha, likewise I enjoy learning about my followers, it’s a way to connect with them 🙂 thanks for reading

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  12. I don’t seperate mine either mainly because it is much easier to write what I want to write about on one thing (aka blog) and share. I also blog at my own pace and try not to do too many ARC’s at one time. I like being my own indiviual. Loved this post and am a new subscriber!!

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  13. I actually separate them – and all my other online presences, too 😂 it is quite exhausting at times, but it’s become too much of a habit now to quit doing so!

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    • Intriguing, if you could change it and merge them would you? Or do you prefer keeping everything separate? *tips hat to you* I admire your juggling skills, I can’t cope with too many accounts haha


      • I don’t think I would, actually? I just kinda feel like it’s tidier this way! And trust me, I am struggling with juggling everything, I am taking hiatuses all the time, oops… That isn’t even the most frustrating thing, though, the difference in follower counts is! For example, I have around 6500 followers on my studyblr and only 15 or so for my blog…. Like, can’t I split them how I like, please? 😂

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        • oh my life that’s so annoying! one of the perks of merged accounts is all your followers are in one place but then I have to make sure I don’t post a ton of unrelated book stuff haha

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  14. All your posts are so lovely and how do I miss out on them?!?! 😠 Love this one! I keep my accounts separate because I’m a private person who gets embarassed very easily and thinks x1000 times before posting a selfie so yeah not gonna mix both my lives. Although I have started to share more personal pictures on IG in my stories lately 🙂

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    • Aaaah idk girl! You could always turn my tweet notifs on that way when I tweet out about a blog post, you’ll know? Idk otherwise, and yeah I’m kinda past caring what ppl think of my face wise like…I am who I am welcome to my life stay or leave, it’s up to you haha. Ooooo insta stories are great, the app tho is a pain when I want to watch videos and it buffers and doesn’t play. Meaning I have to update it xD

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  15. Personally I don’t seperate a lot of things. I even share a pic of my kid every now and then on my blog. I don’t share everything but my blog is a reflection of who I am. An extension of who I am so therefore I don’t hold back either. I don’t mind having blogging friends on my facebook account either.

    I do have two instagram accounts. One for books and one for personal pictures. I did not want to overwhelm people with my daily spam of my son. I also put that one on private just to be safe. It has helped that I have my book account on my ipod and my private account on my phone. Otherwise I would probably forget to switch accounts and all that haha.

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  16. I totally see your point! As for me, I do separate my personal life and my bookish life. My reason: my college friends are not ALL friends. One of them (or two???) is finding something to “use against me” because unfortunately, I’m the one who notices details about everything. Is it wrong to correct a friend? The friend took it personally and is now “aware” of me. Anyway, I’m getting out of topic. But, that’s my reason. I’m not trying to hide but I also don’t want “that friend” to find my blog and my thoughts. I use my real name, though. Just not full name

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    • Oof that’s me though, I notice stuff I guess and correct friends but like mine don’t mind so much. The fact they’re trying to find something to use against you, is pretty petty tho Merv, it’s a shame they can’t just let it go and move on x


  17. This is such an interesting topic and one I’ve thought about often. I only have one account for everything, social media wise, so everyone sees all the various faucets of me on those. But then I have two blogs: a personal blog, for writing and random musings and everything, and then I have a book review blog, which is only reviews and features/tags/memes and book related content. Sometimes, I wonder if I made a mistake separating the two. I’m still not sure! But thank you for this post, it was really insightful!

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    • Ah glad you enjoyed it! I mean my blog is pretty much everything too, I think its entirely your own choice like was there a specific you chose to separate your blogs or not? Thanks for stopping by ❤


      • I think I was nervous that I’d be posting too much, since sometimes I have two posts a day, one on my personal blog and then a book review, so I thought it would be too cluttered. But now, I don’t think that’s the case. *shrugs* But that’s okay!

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  18. I don’t have any connections from my blog site to my social media sites, like facebook, twitter etc, mainly because I have family and friends on it and don’t want them reading it knowing its me, as I know they don’t come on wordpress. But what I do share, is relatively personal and I use it for personal use. I tend to get nervous posting on facebook, because a whole lot of drama can be caused by it. While if I keep it away from people who don’t know me, then well it can’t backfire.


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