Predictable Books Are Alright…Sometimes

Hey lovelies! Now I know you’re probably wondering what I’m on about, we don’t want predictable books we want books that makes us think keep us on our toes. Whilst yes we do want those books, have you never enjoyed a book where you know it’s gonna be ok in the end? Where you can guess what’s happening and instead of that being a negative it’s a positive?

Sometimes predictable books are what we need…


Hear me out on this, I know it’s a super crazy idea as we all LOVE those books that turn us into a pile of emotions. Now lets say on average we read 52 books in a year, so that’s one book every week. If EVERY book we read had us thinking, wondering what was going to happen, who’s gonna make it out alive and getting us to be detectives. I know I’d be exhausted after 2 months.

A great example of predicable books are contemporaries, to be more specific we’ll go with Sarah Dessen’s books. I love her books, her writing and I just love her stories. Now to many they’d say they’re boring, you know what’s going to happen.

Yes, we know that there’ll be a happy ending and whatever’s been happening will be solved because her books are the classic contemporary novels. When you think of a contemporary typically you think light, fluffy, happy ending…STRESS FREE READING AND TONS OF FEELS!

Am I right or am I right?

Whilst those books still exist within that genre other books, which are contemporary exist that are STRESSFUL AND DESTROY YOUR EMOTIONS LEAVING YOU WONDERING IF YOU’LL EVER RECOVER *coughs* ahem my point here is the second variation of contemporary is one which typically doesn’t solely focus on the love aspect, but also on other aspects like mental health, eating disorders, sexuality, race etc.

black and pink hearts

So far contemporary seems to be the genre which explores a lot of diverse topics, I can understand why it’s harder for other genre’s to include this rep at times. When you’re building a world your primarily focused on building said world, it shouldn’t stop you though from adding some diverse characters to your book.

With that in mind though predictable books are great for a break, I mean the classic ones where the romance is fluff and it’s the main focus point of the novel. Sometimes we need a break from figuring out who killed who, who’s out to ruin our OTP and trying to figure out how these magic systems work!

Like you I love to be kept on my toes, it’s so much fun but alsoooo I lowkey hate it as I stress so much not knowing if the characters are going to be ok. I also like being right about guessing what’s going to happen, I love it actually because it makes me feel slightly smart xD I’m a terrible detective but with books I’m alright. I also like reading books where you know they’re going to be safe, and be together in the end (my mind just flicked to Crooked Kingdom and that ending oh my life…I think my heart broke again)

It’s ok to like a book which doesn’t challenge you to figure it out, it’s also ok if you can guess what happens. I mean…if you can guess the WHOLE story then maybe not? But what do I know, I read the back pages sometimes before I finish the book haha.


I’m curious guys, do you like knowing what’s gonna happen or not? Do you hate the classic contemporary where it’s all about the love and relationship? Do you prefer the more diverse contemporaries that are stealing the spotlight? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading 🙂

love clo


18 thoughts on “Predictable Books Are Alright…Sometimes

  1. I think a predictable or fluffier book is fine, sometimes I’m just in the mood for something less challenging or whatever. I don’t read a ton of contemporaries but I have been reading more and I even read cozy mysteries now and then, and those are similar- you know it’s not going to be TOO intense and the mysteries are fun but not too crazy. Just depends on my mood, but yeah sometimes these are the kinds of books I want to read!

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  2. I love books that keep me on my toes, to be honest. Reading the same storyline over and over and over can be exhausting as well, though sometimes I enjoy reading the same storyline depending on other aspects. If the writing is fantastic, then I’m definitely okay with reading something predictable.

    Contemporary depends – I’ve noticed I like my contemporaries cute, fluffeh and sassy. Not Sarah Dessen for sure. I do like seeing other representation in contemporary though, and I’m glad there’s more. I’m guessing the lack of Asian characters in contemporaries years ago is partially why I didn’t like it as much as I do now? I have no clue.

    Also in regards to Crooked Kingdom… SHOULD I BE WORRIED. AS IN VERY WORRIED. DO THE SHIPS NOT SAIL (aka namely Kaz and Inej). DO THEY GET KILLED OFF.

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    • Yeah I get you girl, I do love my Sarah Dessen books 🙂

      Aaaah Kaz and Inej are alive at the end *chuckles* but erm that ship is like still in the docks and is close to leaving nearer the end but not quite. Honestly drives me insane hehe.

      I think I need to widen my contemporary reading though as a lot of them have MC who are white American/British and I’d love to read more about other cultures 🙂 Have you read the Lara Jean trilogy by chance? You may like that series if you’ve not read it, I still need to read the last book though haha


  3. Since I read a lot of fantasy/scifi and mysteries, predictability is always a big let down! But I totally see where you’re coming from 🙂 When I want a little break I usually reach for books I’ve read several times before, which I guess counts as opting for something more predictable? It can be nice to settle into something familiar every once in a while, whether that’s a new book that follows a pattern or an old favorite you’re re-reading 🙂

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    • Yeah rereading would count since you already the know the plot line and everything because SADLY it doesn’t matter how many times we reread a book, the ending is still the same haha

      But I can get why within those genres it’d be a let down


  4. The thing is, most books are predictable. Maybe not the details, but the big things. The MC will get with their love interest. The MC will defeat the bad guy. That sort of thing. And once you’ve read some books by a certain author, you learn their style and whether they’re the type who might kill of characters or who will definitely give you a happy ending. And yet, we still like reading anyway, even when we generally know what will happen! And also, even though I do love unpredictable books, like you said, they’re more exhausting. There are definitely times when I just want something light and predictable 🙂

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    • I totally agree, also about that MC getting with their love interest, should you wish to read a book that should hopefully destroy your heart in the best way try Soulmates by Holly Bourne 🙂 it’s underrated and I loved it, it’s not the love story you expect it to be

      But yes the more unpredictable a book is, the more exhausting it is to read because we’re constantly trying to out plot the plot xD


  5. You’ve been writing a lot of good discussions 🙂 I totally agree. Every now and then I need a predictable book for sure, or even if it’s not predictable, I at least need it to have a comfortable vibe. Rereads are also good for that 🙂 and it’s incredibly cool when the comfortable atmosphere still gives you a few surprises here and there, but not like plot changing ones 🙂 those books are great to wind down with.

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    • Aww thanks girl, I do love writing discussions to be honest. And yes I totally agree, it’s so nice to unwind with a book that won’t suddenly give you grey hairs early because your fav character just died xD


  6. I only like predictable books if the characters or world building is epic. Otherwise I like to be kept on my toes 🙂

    When in need of comfort I usually go re read my favourite books 💕

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