My Artwork ~ Hand Drawn and Digital

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Hey lovelies! I’m super pumped for this post. So as we all know we’re MORE than just bookworms, we do usually have other interests. Often they end up relating back to books. But something I’ve always done on and off was art. So before I actually show you some of art I’m going to talk a bit about art. As I took Art at GCSE and I’m on a Graphic and Digital Design course I do know what I’m talking about here. That’s not to say I know everything, I don’t. I do however know a fair amount, which I’d love to share with you.


A Little Background

Now when I was a kid, and by kid I’m talking 10 or so, I used to think tracing and colouring was cheating. It meant you couldn’t draw. It’s not really that simple anymore. I can draw without using tracing paper BUT here’s the catch, I spend waaaaay too long trying to get everything spot on. Now there is a reason why I take so long, it’s the reason I tend to trace the basic outlines of things I draw where possible.

When you’re drawing by hand, you’re creating an image using different tones, line making and making sure there’s shadows and highlights. (don’t worry I WILL be explaining the terminology so you’re not lost) Say you’re drawing the face of someone, the basic outline to me will be the face shape, where the hair starts, where are the eyes, where is the iris in the eye and pupil. Where’s the nose and mouth, ears too count if they’re visible. The shoulders too are sometimes in head shots, and the neckline for the top they’re wearing. That’s my basic outline.

green and pink hearts

Now for the sake of those, who have no clue about any of the terminology I used above, I’ll explain it to you.

Tone is referring to the lightness and the darkness of something. So typically on a face your main light tone would be the skin (assuming it’s not a coloured person) and the dark tone would be the hair. But if you did that for the whole drawing…it’d not look realistic.

That’s where you have shadows, highlights and blending. Blending is as it says, it’s just blending the various shades of light and dark. With colour it’s blending the different colours together to create a more 3D look.

Shadows and highlights well think of your make up – you have highlights to highlight certain areas similarly with drawings you’ll have highlights but it’s not made by make up. Likewise with shadows, it’s to darken certain areas. The actual reason for having highlights and shadows is down to still life drawing. You have a light source – the sun. Where the sun hits your face it’ll create highlights as it picks out certain parts of your face, the shadows are were the light source can’t reach. Again it adds to the realistic aspect.

green and pink hearts

So back to outlines, I trace the outline and then it’s a process of adding the different tones. Now in terms of colour, I’m not one for using colour when hand drawing simply because it tends to make my pieces more cartoon like. In pencil and pen I can make it look realistic.

Now another word that’s hugely important is proportion. It’s why I trace the outline.

If the outline is slightly off, just a part of it maybe I made the eyes to wide, it will throw the whole drawing out proportion wise and it will not look right. That is the main reason for me tracing the outline. If it’s traced I know it’s my fault if it’s not looking right. You see when you drawing something realistically it’s basically created from tones, shadows, highlights and line marking.

A fun fact for you all that I learned from drawing, your nose is made up of shading and different tones. Yep it’s pretty much all varying tones, blending and shading to make a nose look real. It’s also a hard thing to get right. If a shadow is to wide it’ll make the nose look wrong. So there you go.

In contrast, we have my digital drawing. Now it’s not bad by any means, but before joining the course I’m currently on. I’d never drawn ANYTHING digitally. So from starting in September to now, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve got more to learn but I’m thoroughly enjoying my course. It’s tons of fun even with some of the more boring parts to the assignments. I will include my digital drawings here for you to see up close, as they have more of a cartoon style to them than realistic. 

black and pink hearts

Now I don’t think anyone reading this will do this, but I’d just like to state particularly with my digital drawings, they are MY drawings. Hours went into them even if you think they’re simple, they’re not. So please don’t copy them and use them. I created them for my coursework and also for my blog so I don’t have to worry about copyright. That and they’re cute. Thank you 🙂

black and pink hearts

So I mean the hearts I use as dividers I drew too, pretty simple and they look nice. Anyway for some of my designs I’ll show you the various stages I went through to get to the final thing. Which often takes hours because I’m a perfectionist and I tend to dislike EVERYTHING I draw. 


Talking you through this, this was the first complicated drawing I did digitally back in my first term. The first drawing is not mine. It’s my inspiration for the two next to it. So the middle one is just the black outline on it’s own without the colour and anything else added on. The 3 one along is what it looked like after I finished tweaking it correcting things, adding a bit of shading. I was proud of it gotta say, it was a headache and a half to create but it looks nice.


mug blue hot chocolate outlinedmug purple blushing outlined






So the original concept is on the left, the purple mug is tea, the other is hot chocolate. I have various colour variations and first designs which look pretty awful to compare it to what my mug now looks like.


10 o clock variation 2 3 o clock variation 2 7 o clock variation 2

So if you’ve seen my Posting Schedule page, you’ll have seen these lovely clocks over there. They’re actually where I got the whole eye idea from. Again these went through several variations. The thing with digital graphics is it has to not only look nice, it has to be functional and work colour wise. In this case, everything needs to be clear. From the clock hands, numbers and the eyes. The numbers actually aren’t too important as typically we all know where the numbers are on an analog clock.

black and pink hearts

self portrait 001

So this is the first stage of drawing myself haha, as you can see the lips are kinda dark here. And everything else is fairly light. 


self portrait 002

More tone and shading has been added in. Now look at my nose, remember be saying how it’s pretty much made up of tone and shading? That’s all that creates my nose right there folks. 


self portrait finished portrait

Now this is what it looks like finished, a bit of a shock right? I darkened it up so it would look better. And that’s been done fairly recently within this year. Below are some stuff I did when I was taking Art at GCSE.


self portrait

Lips are like my worst enemy – it’s fine if you’re wearing a matte lipstick as it gets ride of the natural ridges we have. Otherwise it’s a pain and I’m not that great at it. This I did when I was in Year 10 sooo I was about 15. 



Again I was 15 here as well I do love drawing eyes though, particularly animal eyes but I just love eyes in general. Haha they’re so interesting to me. 


wolf eye.JPG

This is a wolf eye for those who are wondering, bottom is the image I used, top is my drawing of it. I actually did a basic outline trace but you can’t exactly get the level of detail I managed in a tracing. That’s like I’ve said before, down to line making which is used for hair, fur that sort of thing and shading. I think it still remains my favourite out of all my drawings, I just love how it turned out.


drawing of tapir

Perhaps one of the best examples of why I trace. On the tapir I traced the outline of it, where it’s eyes were, it’s ears and that’s it. The rest is a mix of shading and short lines repeated really close together to give the effect of it being fur. It’s also a baby tapir, adult tapirs don’t have spots haha.









These are more recent, I did these whilst at college. Now the one on the left, is done with pencils, the one on the right is using one fine liner pen to create that. It’s actually based off the same image and the one in pen looks so much better than the pencil version, the pencil version the proportion wasn’t right at all. So there, proof proportion does indeed matter.

black and pink hearts

Before I wrap this post up, I thought I’d show you what my final piece for my Art GCSE was. Now the final pieces count for a tiny amount towards your overall grade. If I remember correctly the coursework made up 75% of your end grade and the exam prep was your other 25%. Your final piece is literally just the end product of the exam prep and goes into the 25%. So its your coursework that carries the huge influence. Now Art was actually my highest grade…at a B. I was more than happy with that as well. 

Now question when you see the two photos below, can you guess what map I used? It’s from a well known book. (I didn’t ruin any books! I printed it off the internet so chill)

art GCSE 1art GCSE









The right is just a close up of the drawings. Now the eye is a hare eyes, then there’s a tiger, the other part is the side of my dogs face. Have you guessed which book series the map is from yet? I’ll tell you at the end. 


Do you draw? Or are you not a drawer, maybe you want to learn to draw. I will say that I actually find writing easier than drawing haha, which is weird but I don’t get frustrated as much with writing. With drawing it’s all about the visuals. With writing, the person reading creates the visuals. I do hope this was a nice insight into what I also do, and if you have any questions feel free to ask away. I’m more than happy to answer questions. Thanks for reading 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Artwork ~ Hand Drawn and Digital

  1. These are lovely 🙂 I used to draw too! I think you’d like my drawings, but I’m not sure I have them uploaded anywhere anymore. I also used to draw manga before that was cool (or even accessible. Really xD) but then I stopped because I had a friend who drew better than me and I just never felt good enough :< a stupid reason, I know, but I was 16. I was kind of emotional. I guess xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thanks and I would love to see some of your drawings if you have them floating about anywhere. My ex best friend liked drawing manga, I admire anyone who can draw in that style. I just can’t. My drawing style does have a slight cartoony vibe though…unless its my pencil or pen work, then I’m a perfectionist with it trying to get as realistic as possible


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