Character Deaths I’m Not Over

Hey loves! I’m slightly too excited about this topic today but well, let’s be honest characters die (much to our heart failure) and we tend to have a melt down when a beloved one dies. Some character deaths don’t bother us you know, others though will forever scar us…

Warning: There will be spoilers for Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare (bk 2 in TDA), Frostbite by Richelle Mead (bk 2 in TVA), Assassins Blade by Sarah J Maas (bind up of novellas), A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas (bk 3 in ACOTAR) and A Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare (bk 3 in TID). I will put the book at the top so if you’ve not read it, skip downwards until you find the next heart divider 🙂


Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Ok if you’ve not read Frostbite which is book 2 in The Vampire Academy series and you’re planning on reading it – skip down to the pink and green heart divider. Otherwise you’ll be spoiled and I warned you…so no blaming me! Ok? Good.

If you’re reading this I’m going to assume you’ve either read Frostbite/the whole series or you have no interest in reading the series. So…Mason.

I can not tell you how heartbroken I was when I read that part where he’s killed, I was crying. And it was 2am or something, I wasn’t ok and I’m still not. When I went to school the next day I was full on complaining and repeating how Mason’s dead and how he shouldn’t be dead. You could say I was driving my friends slightly crazy haha. Honestly though I’m never going to be over Mase dying, there was just so much you could do with him as a character and Christ don’t kill me for this but I wasn’t a Dimitri and Rose shipper until the last book. I KNOW! But I just loved Rose with Mase then Adrian (*hisses* he’s now mine haha) I just…I wasn’t a fan of Rose and Dimitri like most of the readers were. It may have been why Mase’s death hit me hard that and I wasn’t expecting it. My poor heart *sniffs*

green and pink hearts

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Again if you’ve not read LoS and are planning on it, skip down to the pink and green hearts. I swear to you, you’ll thank me for it later! Now go, skip downwards!

Right ho, if you’re reading this I’m assuming you’ve read the book. If you’ve not I’m still giving you time to skip downwards don’t skim read looking for a name be gone. I love you but I don’t want to spoil you. So please move on down.

The ending. I managed to spoil myself because I have the excellent habit of reading the end pages before finishing the book and so I wasn’t as shocked. But I’m not over it. Like why would you do that to her? I just can’t put into words how my heart aches for the Blackthorns and when Queen of Air and Darkness hits us I think I’m going to hide away because I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to cope.

*smirks* I never said who it was, all you know is it’s female so erm good luck with that if you read this and DIDN’T SKIP! Shame on you *giggles*

green and pink hearts

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas

You know the drill I hope, skip downwards if you’ve not read it. I don’t want you to get spoiled ok.

I’m not sure how I feel about Rhys dying for those moments. It was just a bit of a let down you know? He dies but gets brought back (not that I want him dead! Sheesh no – Tamlin would be adequate though) I’m not over it though because when I read it my heart literally left my chest, I was muttering over how he better not die and she couldn’t do this. So I had a melt down but it was alright. I’ve still got mixed feelings on it though….your thoughts?

green and pink hearts

A Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Again skip downwards if you’ve not read this book please. *waves bye*

Okie dokie, the epilogue never fails to make me cry! It was just so heartbreaking reading it from Tessa’s POV and how she recounted the years and then losing Will. My heart *dies on floor* I genuinely can’t get over that Epilogue. The good thing though is that there is a series planned which follows Will and Tessa’s kids and it’s set in the Victorian/Edwardian era and OMG I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT TO EAT IT WHEN IT COMES OUT! I have no self control ok, I love The Infernal Devices a lot, sometimes a little too much haha. Anyhoo the ending always makes me cry and I think it’s because you can’t imagine Will dying, you know? It’s as if he’s invincible but he’s not and it’s sad. So sad.

green and pink hearts

Assassins Blade by Sarah J Maas

This is a bind up of novellas and the death is sort of a spoiler but not if you’ve already read Throne of Glass as it’s mentioned in there. Still…if you don’t want any spoilers skip down to the black and pink heart divider.

Sam. My god Sam, if there’s any character who’s death I’m totally not over (excluding LoS cause damn that one makes me want to cry for the Blackthorns) it’s Sam’s. I honestly can’t get over it. I just wish didn’t die but…you know that wasn’t meant to be it seems. Seriously though, if you think about it if Sam were still alive Celaena’s life would be totally different and she’d be different too. 


Ok soooo lemme know your thoughts on this. Also feel free to share some of yours in the comments but please warn people for spoilers and say which book it is. No one wants to get spoiled here people! Thanks for reading 🙂


31 thoughts on “Character Deaths I’m Not Over

  1. I was a Rose and Dimitri fan from the moment he brought them back to the academy and commended her for protecting Lissa even when she was clearly going to lose the fight. 😀

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      • I cried. It was 2am when I got to that point, I was crying and was seriously considering not finishing the series it was that bad. I loved him so much – still hurts xD


    • Aaaah I wish I was but I just wasn’t. I went on an emotional journey wishing she’d go with mase then adrian then I was like you know what have dimitri you’re perfect for one another xD haha


  2. I died little bit when Rhys died, I literally stopped reading and started doing something else, I was so depresseeed hahaha I’m still not over it and I don’t know if I can forgive Sara for playing with my feelings in that way😂 I was happy with the end but stiiill all that suffering haha

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  3. Ha I skipped Frostbite because I may read Richelle Mead’s books at some point. I want to read Vampire academy so must not spoil myself lol on that! But yeah some deaths are SO traumatic. Ned Stark (and about 3,000 other) on Game of Thrones was like that for me…

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    • Oooo you should totally read some of the ones I mentioned 🙂 I think Snape hit me the hardest and Hedwig cause like I can’t cope with animals dying 😦


  4. Spoiler Alert Divergent (Allegiant) and The 5th Wave!
    I was rather surprised when Tris sacrificed herself in the end, same goes for Cassie. You’re kind of expecting a happy ending, but instead they just go and sacrifice themselves for the greater good, which is awesome but leaves you not a little disappointed…

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    • Aaah I totally get you, I’ve read the first book in 5th Wave but I wasn’t totally in love with it but that’s interesting that she ends up sacrificing herself. I think it’s in a way a bit you know…of a cop out cause they end up not experiencing the aftermath still. They died for a reason I suppose

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      • I guess you’re right: But there aren’t that many books with such strong female characters, you just suppose the author has something good in store for them. I liked the first books, the seconds were all right, but the third in both series missed something, or the revelations weren’t quite plausible. Especially in the Divergent series. Well. I still tell my students they are a good read!

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        • Yeah I get you, I mean they’re still good reads but like you said they were missing something certainly the Divergent series was. Like I just wasn’t alright with that ending tbh

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          • It started out like a “classical” dystopia and ended up with the experimentation world. They lost me there, so even if there were to be a sequel, I don’t think I will read it…
            Have to say that I really enjoy your blog, as you said yourself, you’re pretty young, but already very mature in your posts. Continue like this! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            • Awww thank you, that means a lot, haha my posts are pretty much just me writing down how I’d go about talking about the topics. It’s not the first time I’ve been told I’m mature though, I think it’s down to my love for reading and being an only child I prefer talking to ppl older than myself. So that goes a way into how I write and also how I speak I suppose 🙂

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  5. Okay so I haven’t read the Cassandra Clare books so I can’t talk about that. But definitely agree with everything else. Especially Rhys! It’s kind of two sided, because I’m technically happy that he is still alive, but I’m also kind of sad. It’s almost like writers who actually want to kill off a person, but can’t because of the fandom. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would have started a riot if Rhys had stayed dead. I don’t know if Sarah wanted to kill Rhys or not, but at least have him be dead for a bit longer, because this wasn’t really that heartcrushing :’)

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