Weekly Wrap Up #27

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.



Current Reads

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The Happy Prince & Other Stories


Read This Week

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Around the Blogosphere

If you’d like me to read your blog post (it can be a review, discussion anything though I’m more likely to comment on discussion posts) feel free to tweet me or DM me on twitter with the link to your post. I’ll read it, maybe comment and like it as well as including it in next weeks wrap up 🙂

Book Storm shares the many ways our books will murder us. So useful to know 🙂

Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts shares the various things drive people away from your blog

Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight chats about what mood reading is. Are you a mood reader?

Mervilyn @ Merv Reads chats about why the word DNFed is wrong. She has a great point though xD

Myrth @ Cliste Bella chats about paperbacks and hardbacks, the differences and which she prefers.

Danielle @ Books Vertigo and Tea shares 10 things she’s learned as a Blogger that has made life that much easier

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction chats about savouring a book or eating it whole in one sitting. You know those good books you can’t resist…yeah xD

Evelina @ Avalinahs Books has a new post in the New Bloggers 101 section, this time its a guest post by Aimee @ Aimee, Always all about Bloglovin’

Vee @ My Reading List shares why she doesn’t buy a lot of books


Around in BookTube

Sometimes I dive into the BookTube world – when I do and I find anything you guys may enjoy I’ll link it below. Again, if you’re BookTuber and a Book Blogger or just a BookTuber then feel free to tweet me or DM me on twitter with a link to one of your videos you’d like me to watch. 

Again literally haven’t been on the BookTube I’ve got several reading vlogs to watch though will I’ll probably watch all in one go xD


Life Updates

Wow. This week has been busy! I’ve been busy. Actually when am I not busy? Anyway not sure if you’ve noticed but I added a bio onto the sidebar *throws confetti at self* It’s still going to get revised the wording that is but it’s there. It works aaaaand I redid my About Page *falls onto bean bag* I swear that was so stressful, because just as I’d finished my computer decided to crash. Luckily it was saved so I didn’t need to flail over what to do with my life.

Alsoooo first week with a post at least once a day. I gotta say, it’s going alright for me. I’m somehow not losing my mind (I’m procrastinating writing this instead of writing up the 3 reviews for this coming week #somanyregrets) I gotta say though I do love my new graphics. Next on my hit list is the social icons…little pests. And may at some point I’ll find the willpower to start planning this story idea that’s been buzzing in my head since February? March? I don’t know it’s been a while I think it was February and then March happened and some stuff got added into it. But no planning has happened as of yet. Also for any writers out there, every Tuesday at 3pm BST (British Summer Time) I have a new post in Writers Den go up. Eventually I’ll be posting specific prompts for you to be able to use and practice your own writing. Since the more you write the better you’ll become.

Moving away from that. I was at my grandmas from Friday till well today xD I ended up getting four more books – those being the Talon books by Julie Kagawa. So I now have a duplicate of the first book in the series Talon…I may contemplate doing a giveaway for it if people are interested? Or I may just give it to my friend hehe. I’ve not decided yet. I also joined the Beat the Backlist reading challenge, I’m a Book Bard *cheers* fellow Book Bards we’re not finishing in last place ok, we need to finish 3rd at least xD But due to this I realised I’ve not read any new releases this year, all my books are backlist titles…pretty handy if you ask me.


On the Blog Last Week

(Mon) How To Keep A Blogging Journal

(Tue) Writers Den #1: Where to start with your story

(Wed) Awoken by Sarah Noffke ~ Review

(Wed) The Art of not Breathing by Sarah Alexander ~ Review

(Thur) Thursday Talks #1: Why I Started Blogging

(Thur) Beat the Backlist 2018 ~ Reading Challenege

(Fri) Bookworms Explained #11: Why We Judge Books by their Covers (we’re all magpies really)

(Sat) Grave Witch by Kalayna Price ~ Review

(Sat) Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller ~ Review

On the Blog This Week

(Mon) My Tools As A Book Blogger

(Tue) Writers Den #2: Inspiration

(Wed) Ocean of Secrets by Aimee Friedman ~ Review

(Wed) Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover ~ Review

(Thur) Thursday Talks #2: How I Post So Much

(Fri) Bookworms Explained #12

(Sat) Grave Dance by Kalayna Price ~ Review

(Sat) There will hopefully be another review here – not sure of what though!

(Sun) Weekly Wrap Up #28



19 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up #27

    • No worries. Oh I wish you luck, bios and about pages are a headache and a half xD I need to get my reading hat on this week, whether I will though is another matter entirely. Hope you have a good week 🙂


  1. WE’RE BOTH BOOK BARDS THIS IS LITERALLY THE MOST EXCITING THING! I feel like we need to make a chant or something. Try not to get last place! Try not to get last place! lol

    Oh geez I wish I could post every day! You go girl! And I will totally be checking into your writing posts. I really need to get back into writing and practicing all of that fun stuff.

    Have a great week! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aha are you in the twitter gc? if not I can add you

      No seriously, you don’t want to post everyday haha it’s a lot to do but I also like being overly busy xD Wooo hope the writing posts help.

      Have a great week girl ❤


    • Eeek next wrap up I’m sorting the posts I read into different sections to help everyone xD I’m impressed at myself too *chuckles* scheduling is my best friend in this, ah I do enjoy writing though both stories and other stuff hence the content on my blog hehe. Hope you have a great week too 🙂


  2. Your Writers Den posts look good! Writing advice is always helpful and it’s nice to see other perspectives. Plus encouragement lol. And good luck with your own writing!

    The Kalayna Price books look good.


    • No worries and thanks! The sidebar took a while xD but I’m getting there with it hehe. Oh don’t think I’m not insane with this, but I also love it. It’s an experiment seeing what works you know xD

      Liked by 1 person

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