Writers Den #1: Where to start with your story

Welcome to my Writers Den series. This series was created by yours truly (Chloe @ Book Dragons) as I wanted to share my tips, tricks and advice on writing. Expect posts offering you advice on everything from outlining to character arcs and then we’ll have posts where we explore writing something purely based off of prompts. 

Hey *waves* look ITS A POST ON TUESDAY AND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY BLOG?! Well I’ll tell you a little bit before we get into this first post, basically my brain decided to explode with ideas as I realised I want to start outlining this new story idea I have but…I’ve been out of practice with writing totally original content. I have been writing still (*coughs* fanfiction) so I figured it couldn’t hurt to create a series for you lovely writers, who are struggling or just want some support. Even though I’m 17 I’ve been writing since I was 11.

Right that’s enough about me. Let’s get into this post.


Maybe you’ve had this story idea for ages, months, years even. You just never had the time or confidence to sit down and write it. Or perhaps you’re struggling with an idea but you want to write something, either way I have some tips for you all before we get started on our story writing.

You’ll need inspiration. Without inspiration you won’t have any ideas, resulting in you having nothing, to write. The slightly annoying thing about inspiration is it usually comes at really inconvenient times. For me it’s usually at night, I can write out several scenes in my head come morning – they’ve disappeared UNLESS I get out of bed and write the little devils down. Maybe you get ideas whilst at work, point is ideas and inspiration literally can happen at anytime. Anything and everything can cause us to have that light bulb moment.

You’re going to need to ensure you’ve written down the idea though, believe me when I say, if you don’t it’ll have floated away forever. And you’ll be annoyed at yourself for a while. I go through this cycle constantly where I assure myself I’ll remember it in the morning – do I hell. So write them down, scraps of paper, carry a notebook with you. Or use your phone.

Just record your ideas down, worry about making sense of them later.

black and pink hearts

Now writing isn’t easy. Even for those who do it as their career and for those who’ve not made it yet. We all know the struggles of writing, the important thing for you will be to carve out time in each day (or perhaps have a set day) to write. We’re not going to be writing the story just yet though, so don’t go jumping ahead, you’ll get stuck part way through most likely with writers block.

No instead I want you to make sure you have whatever you’re going to need, to sit and write for 15mins to an hour in one go. So tea, coffee, hot chocolate are all important. I tend to have a tea whilst I’m writing whether it be my stories or my blog posts. Candles can also help create a nice atmosphere for you. Also if you’re like me and are easily distracted, try listening to music or have background noise perhaps.

Everything I write, even when I’m planning things out I’m listening to music. I can’t do it in silence, I’ll get distracted. I know for some of you the music will be your distraction and that’s totally ok. We all work differently.


Next weeks post is all about inspiration, where to find it and how to gather it. Inspiration is vital to your writing, it’s also important you regularly check back in with your inspiration when you get stuck. I hope this post has been useful to you and if you click HERE it will take you to the Writers Den page, where I’ll list all published posts and there’ll also be some background information on me as a writer 🙂


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