Creating Unique Content

Hey lovelies! I hope you’re having good day so far or that your day has been great depending where you are in the world. As you can tell by the title, I’ve got hopefully a useful post in store for you if you’re struggling with creating content that isn’t a review or book tag. I hope you enjoy.


Today I thought I’d attempt to help you lovely book bloggers out there, with the process of creating unique content. As book bloggers we primarily tend to focus on doing the mainstream thing. The one thing that’s expected of us.

Book reviews.

Now I’m not sure if you know this but I started this blog and didn’t actually post that many reviews to begin with, even now I’m still working on posting some more reviews. The thing is though it’s hard thinking of what else to post if it’s not a book review or book tag – discussion posts are hard. You often sit there thinking:

‘well what do I discuss?’ 

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There are so many topics you can discuss, it’s all about finding ones that appeal to you and spark a fire inside of you that makes you want to discuss. It could be book related or not book related. Something you should remember is nothing is totally original, it’s been done before somehow it’s all about how YOU put your own stamp on it. How do you change it to make it your own? That’s what counts. 

If you’re lacking interest and have this desire to maybe create a series of posts, then I’ll use my own series as an example. Bookworms Explained. It’s a series focused on me explaining the habits, quirks and just everything that comes with being a bookworm in a light hearted but informative way. It’s got two target audiences: bookworms and non readers. In main purpose though is to entertain whilst hopefully informing any non reader that stumbles up on it or gets pointed to it. 

Before I created the series, I’d been brainstorming new ideas, as I wanted another segment to my blog to liven it up. I knew I didn’t want another meme. I’ve participated in the Book Blogger Hop meme as well as Down The TBR Hole meme but I eventually stopped partaking in them. I just wasn’t really enjoying doing them, they became more like a filler for my blog than an actual post I enjoyed doing. HOWEVER this leads me onto the point of joining in with a meme can be super helpful if you’re looking to add something to your blog, and aren’t totally sure whether you’re ready to create your own series of posts yet. HERE is a link that will take you to a page which has all current meme’s listed by day.

My best advice if you’re wanting to create a series of posts its just blog hop, and do a lot of it. The more blogs and discussion type posts you read – the more inspiration you’ll gather. Of course there are some discussion posts you can take the theme and write your own thoughts for instance Top 7 BookTubers – you could do a post on your Top 7 BookTubers. But if you went and took a post of my Bookworms Explained and decided to do your own version without in anyway crediting me – that’s not exactly fair since you didn’t come up with the series or the topic. (also I spend a good 3+ hours on those posts) If you decided to do your own version of it and linked back to MY original post you did your take on. Then that’s fine. It’s important to link in where you got your inspiration from with those types of posts. As long as you link back and give credit, we won’t have a problem, we’ll usually be more than happy to have a read of your post and leave you a comment.

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If you’re struggling with your creativity I suggest maybe try and come up with your own book tag. Do remember though that there are a ton of Book Tags out there, I’m in the slow process of trying to do most of them (ideally all) to have an up to date Book Tags page with them all for you guys. If you do a tag and find out it’s already been done before, or its similar to another tag, it’s not a problem. Just go back in and edit in a link to the other bloggers book tag that is similar to your original tag giving them a bit of credit and exposure. 

Below I’ve listed a few topics you could write a discussion type post around, if you’re a newbie you’ll learn as you immerse yourself more in the book blog world what types of things you need to give credit for. But these topics below, you don’t need to credit anyone. They ‘evergreen’ type of posts that pop up a lot because its something we talk about regularly.

  • Underrated Books
  • Ways to Organise Our Books 
  • Advice for New Book Blogger
  • Top 5 __________ Books/Reads/Authors/BookTubers (you get the point you can do a top 5 for anything really the limit is your imagination)
  • _______ Recommendations (for instance mental health recs or LGBTQ+ recs, anything you can think of that appears in books can appear in some themed of recommendation post)
  • Reading Habits
  • Cover Comparison (US to UK? US vs International? Point is publishers enjoy redoing covers and changing them slightly/significantly depending where you are in the world. But which to you looks better?)


That’s it for today’s post. I do hope it has helped – if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask them below in the comments. Equally leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments too, I love chatting to you guys. 

Thanks For Reading 🙂


22 thoughts on “Creating Unique Content

  1. I started book blogging as a way to put all my reviews in one place because friends always come to me for recommendations. Now, I’m starting to think of branching out and make some discussion posts, so some of these ideas were super helpful. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A lot of book bloggers tend to start to post book reviews in one place etc – I’m glad it was helpful 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out for when you upload your first discussion post 🙂

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  2. Great post! I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to be creative. I’ll start writing a post, then I’ll get déjà vu, and then I’ll realize I’ve already written something similar to this. Discussion posts are especially challenging for me. I don’t know what to discuss anymore!

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    1. maybe set aside some time and go through all you old posts and make a sreadsheet for them and then organise the ones for discussions to be able to see what you have and haven’t discussed. Another thing is you could always take an old post and if your opinions changed do a new one linking back to the old one maybe? Thank you 🙂


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  5. Nice and useful post Chloe. I have to admit that when I started blogging last year, I was not much into discussion posts. I was always afraid to write them and what if they don’t garner likes and comments. But this year I made my goal to post at least 2 discussion posts each month and well, it is really going good so far, I guess 🙂

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  6. Im laate – but thank you for those ideas !
    I usually get random peaks of topics on my own either in my insomniac moments trying to sleep OR at work 🙈 which .. aint the best, but if I can write it down or remember it, that’s okay I guess.. conversation posts & chit chat thursdays have been what I done most lately cx I just have LOTS I wanna chat and, idk, happen to have conversation topics ? However im trying to get some inspirations for the next posts I need to write after my already scheduled ones (im 9days ahead rn .. 😅)

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    1. Wooo congrats on being 9 days ahead girl! And I know what you mean about getting random peaks, I usually get my ideas at night not just for my blog for writing too and I’m just like ‘whyyyy’ haha. You happen to have a lot to chat about within your life 😉 which is great Glad this was useful for you

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      1. im just wondering if it may annoy people .. hahah as it’s not quite about books all the time xD
        Also same !! I get ideas and then my brain just write a WHOLE. POST. in my thoughts (which… I cannot save, only the idea in general) and eh, it’s not helping into my quest of sleeping either hahah

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  10. Thanks for this post! I’ve always been struggling to think of content for the blog that’s not book releases, cover reveals, book reviews, etc. This is a lot of help, and to think I just got to your page! 🙂

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