Bookworms Explained #6.2: Our body language decoded

Welcome to what will hopefully be a fairly long series of posts, where I attempt to explain the behavior and thoughts of a bookworm. If you’re a fellow bookworm, leave a comment at the end and tell me your thoughts on the topic. As something I will say, all bookworms have many similarities but we’ve also got our differences. There’s always the odd exception to the rule. 

Hey fellow bookworms and maybe some non-readers. You’re all welcome here, as today I try my best to decode our body language and behavior. As well as explain how to engage us in a conversation – both whilst we’re reading and when we’re not.  So enjoy, and remember to let me know your thoughts in the comments!


So notepad, pen at the ready…or get ready to screenshot bits and bobs for future reference. As I get ready to do battle with my own behavior, quirks, bookworm logic. Basically I’m giving you the shiny gold key to our hearts and minds. Take care, be warned we’re not fragile flowers that are broken easily, knowledge is power my loves.

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Everyone telegraphs their actual emotions through body language. It just happens and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. However there are certain tells in us bookworms that can help you understand us better. What I will say though, is use this as a guide and foundation, we’re all different and so some of these tells may not apply to us.

Whilst Reading


Glances ~

Contrary to popular belief we have been known to sneak glances at people whilst also reading…some of us end up reading the same line 5 times to sneak glances at someone. Whilst we do love reading, we also tend to get distracted easily…particularly in public with lots of distractions popping up. If you’ve noticed a bookworm sat there reading, but every few minutes they look up at you or someone, chances are they find you interesting for some reason.

It doesn’t grant you a pass into our ‘he/she’s hot list’ we may just find you interesting, we’re nosy people. We also love watching other people, its another of our favourite past times.

However we may also just be really sick of these characters, or the books killing us slowly. If that’s the case we’ll probably look up but not actually be seeing what’s around us. So remember…don’t go thinking you’ve got a chance we could be gearing up to punch some stupid character in the face.

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Turning Away from You ~

This typically happens when we’re trying to read, and some moron can’t get it into their head that we want to be left alone. Do you know how awkward I find it having someone watch me read? VERY awkward I’ll tell you. So if you’re dating them, or are a relative/friend don’t watch them read. If you’re dating them, it’s not loving it’s weird and we’ll stop reading because we feel you watching us. (ahem we watch you, not you watch us. Remember that.)

Now watch carefully our facial expressions, as if we’re smiling and looking over at you whilst smiling we’re probably just messing about with you. We’ve been known to do that, if however we turn away from you not laughing and ignore your questions. Chances are we just want you to leave us alone to read. So don’t walk round to make sure we can see you – we don’t want to. We’re trying to read.

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The book covers our face ~

Now this is totally dependent on the person, I for one don’t do it. However some of us when we’re really immersed in a book, may end up drawing the book closer to us, or we lean closer to the book. I suppose that’s why people say we have our noses in books…only the intense and stressful ones though. This behavior happens and there’s not much you can do other than watch and remember this.

If someone does do this then the closer the book is to their face the more into the story they are, so don’t disturb them. The further away the book is from their face, the chances are they still into it but they’re more open to someone asking them something. *coughs* that doesn’t mean you should ask them something cause they’re reading after all.

green and pink hearts

Whilst Not Reading

This is really simple, watch us like we’re any other human. The only time you really need to pay close attention when you’re on topics like books, writing, blogging things that we love and have many opinions about. If we change the topic from books to something else, go with it, don’t try and change it back because you’ll only panic us.

Remember that we’re more than our books, even if that at times can be seriously hard to believe. Our love for books is a large part of who we are – but it doesn’t make us, us. We have other things to add to that love, that make us, us.


I hope this was in some way useful. In terms of our behavior overall it’s generally tricky to generalise us all. We’re all different and it also depends on our mood and who we are as people. But they were the some of the things that I’ve done and/or noticed we do. 

Thank you so much for reading! If you’ve missed the other posts in this series HERE is the catalogue with all of them linked. And a little bit of me talking about how, this series came to be. Have a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “Bookworms Explained #6.2: Our body language decoded

    • Ah I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply! Your comment for some reason ended up in my spam 😦

      Aha bless you, I think its that natural reaction to wanting to know what another person is reading because it’s like ‘friend! you read!’ and then we want to know what book they’re reading haha


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