Bookworms Explained #5: The old age question of ‘What’s your favourite book?’ and why we can NEVER pick just ONE

Welcome to what will hopefully be a fairly long series of posts, where I attempt to explain the behavior and thoughts of a bookworm. If you’re a fellow bookworm, leave a comment at the end and tell me your thoughts on the topic. As something I will say, all bookworms have many similarities but we’ve also got our differences. There’s always the odd exception to the rule. 

Hey fellow bookworms and maybe some non-readers. You’re all welcome here, as today I explain why this question is the death and agony of all bookworms. Unless the bookworm actually has a super power and can pick just one. In which case hats off to you, most of us though..can’t. So enjoy, and remember to let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Hey non-readers! You know when you ask a bookworm what their favourite book is, have you ever noticed the slight panic in their eyes? The way they carefully phrase the words ‘Well I don’t have a favourite book but a favourite series…’ or ‘I love these books <insert books here>’

Ever wondered why we struggle picking just one book? And why we will always struggle? Well the thing about a book is, they’re all different, of course some have similarities and so on. But you can’t compare contemporary favourites to fantasy favourites. Why? Erm..until I see a dragon or a Shadowhunter walking around in a contemporary novel and reality they’re not comparable.

The point is, the genres are all unique, meaning you can’t pick just one favourite as we have a love for many characters across several books/series. The closest I’ve come to picking a favourite is a favourite series. It’s a trilogy so yeah…I can’t pick a favourite book though out of the series it’s impossible.

We read a ton of books throughout a year and that often means discovering new favourites and old favourites. It also means it’s harder for us to choose a small selection of favourites. Asking us to pick one book is terrifying because we read so many, and love so many we can’t think of just one. As well as this we know that you’re gonna judge us, on that ONE book we choose can’t choose and that’s terrifying for us, as the majority of us read in more than one genre. We may have ONE favourite genre. For instance my ONE favourite genre is paranormal. I also didn’t have a mini heart attack over that question or panic. That’s not to say all bookworms WON’T panic over being asked their ONE favourite genre, just we probably won’t be panicking as much.


My best advice is if you want to know someone’s favourite book just ask them one of these:

  • What have you recently read? (don’t expect us to remember the whole plot or anything, we’re shockingly good at forgetting things we’ve read yesterday haha)


  • Top 5 (favourite) books? (5 is a bit more roomy for us to not die with just giving you one book – but we may only be able to spit out three books on the spot – as our brains usually malfunction making us forget every book we’ve read.)


  • What’s your favourite/preferred genre to read? (like I said, it’s roomy, we’ll all have that one genre we tend to gravitate towards. A lot of bookworms I know tend to gravitate towards Fantasy but there’ll be some who enjoy Sci-Fi, Mystery/Crime/Thrillers, Contemporary, Paranormal or maybe they’re a huge Poetry fan. And then you could always ask them why they love that genre.)


Oh and a huge tip – watch our body language as you ask us this. Our body language is key, to knowing whether we actually care about you asking us this or whether we’re just answering you to get you to hurry up and shut up so we can continue reading. BUT more on that in next weeks post where I try my best to explain a bit about our body language, our logic and how to go about talking to us both about books and about other things (shocker we’re also interested in other things other than books.)


Thank you so much for reading! I do enjoy doing these posts, in case you can’t tell *smiles sheepishly* and I really hope you enjoy reading them. If you’ve missed the other posts in this series HERE is the catalogue with all of them linked. And a little bit of me talking about how, this series came to be. Have a wonderful day!


13 thoughts on “Bookworms Explained #5: The old age question of ‘What’s your favourite book?’ and why we can NEVER pick just ONE

  1. Another great answer !!
    I usually list like 5 of them xD sure they are all different, but you know what else? We can love different books for different reasons !! Wether it’s how they made you feel, what you imagined while reading, what memories you recall them in … so, with all that… HOW CAN YOU SORT THEM??! How can you decide which is more important in the bunch? 😪 aand then you have THAT ONE that you mostly do not remember why, but it is right up the list and stays a favorite through the years 🙈 and also it’s tricky.. it can be your favorite NOW but down the road you just.. get unhooked? Maybe you read it again and it’s just, not what you are anymore and it gets you thinking; maan what did I liked in this one again? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Totally agree with you there. I have books I’ve liked in the past, but because I borrowed them from the library I don’t physically own them. Which creates a whole new set of problems being that, we tend to forget half of what happens in the book. But there was this one book, where I couldn’t remember the title and just remembered there being a scene involving a narrow boat and the image was so vivid and it drove me nuts not knowing which book it was.

      I found out later – it was Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt it’s an amazing book 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • I know it’s super hard, I do still rate the books I read being I’m comparing it in my head to other books from that genre as well as how it made me feel etc.

      I’m so glad you love this series, I’m having so much writing it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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