The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey lovelies so I was tagged by the wonderful Ania @ thestarslisten and wow, this looks like tons of fun. I have no idea who I’m going to tag though haha, we’ll see who gets tagged later on xD


Put the award logo/image on your blog.

List the rules.

Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well. (Okoto Enigma)

Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.

You have to nominate 10 – 20 people.

Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.

Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).

Share a link to your best post(s)

Three Things About Myself

I used to do karate when I was younger, I stopped years ago now but I still know how to throw a solid punch, kick and block. It was fun and the only reason I stopped was because where I went they kept on moving and it meant the people I was used to seeing there I no longer saw, as they quit. Leaving me and two kids who mucked about all the time. So I quit, as I didn’t want to waste my parents money on something I no longer enjoyed. 

I’m not JUST a reader, I’m a writer as well. And by that I mean stories, poems and lyrics. I can’t actually play an instrument but maybe eventually I’ll learn. Since I do have an acoustic guitar, he’s called Gabriel. Don’t ask, I have issues.

And last one, I’m an only child who lives in rural England. Ahem…along with that is I kinda have a posh accent – thanks dad for that. And so my accent is probably the funniest thing for people to hear because I speak properly and yet sometimes I chop my words a bit because I’m hyper aware most people don’t speak like I do. It’s great – since I go to college in my city center I’m like the odd duckling sometimes because I’m a country girl, I go horse riding (haven’t been in months though due to GCSE’s and college last year) I read books and I have the accent thing rocking away. 

I think that was like 4 or 5 points but who’s counting haha.

Ania’s Questions for Me!


Which Plot Do You Hate More A Love Triangle Or Insta Love?

Insta love for sure. A love triangle is a guilty pleasure I guess of mine, but sometimes the love triangle can seriously piss me off. So it depends how well the triangle is constructed and thought out. Insta love though – shall be the death of me. I read a lot of books, and fanfiction on wattpad and the amount of time insta love happens in a fanfiction SOMEONE GIVE ME A BLINDFOLD I CAN’T READ IT ANYMORE. It’s unrealistic and yes ironic since we read fiction but you know the point of a story is to be realistic-ish usually.

Fanfiction is yes fanfiction but the celebrity or singer isn’t going to instantly fall in love with your character are they? No. Because we don’t instantly fall in love with people in real life and I dare you to deny that statement, you don’t fall in love instantly it’s gradual and then the penny drops that you’re head over heels. 

Shag, Marry, Kill: Christian Grey, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson?

I’m just gonna go run and hide behind my barricade. 

Kill Harry, Marry Christian (cause marriage means you can do it all obviously) and shag Percy. 

I’ve never read Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson series – BUT I’M GOING TO READ THE PERCY JACKSON SERIES THIS YEAR I SWEAR. Harry Potter though, doesn’t interest me to read. So erm…hi *waves* please don’t kill me haha.

A Band/Group/Artist You Don’t Want To Like But Their Music Is Just On Point And You Can’t Resist? 

I mean I didn’t want to like RoadTrip, 5 Seconds of Summer or The Vamps but I did and do. Because I knew I’d slowly fall for them, so yeah. 5SOS and The Vamps are my old loves, I still love their music and recently I’ve been listening to 5SOS’ old music constantly, it’s hurting my heart. RoadTrip are an upcoming British and Irish boyband and hold a special place in my small heart *winks* they were the first concert I went to ever and I met them. I have a picture that I’ll include…I suppose even though I’m an awkward bookworm haha.

me and RoadTrip.JPG

Just realised how dark the photo is…or well. And look how freaking pale I am! I tell you, I’m a ghost already and I’m not dead yet – what is this magic? Anyway that’s RoadTrip so yay. (From left to right, Andy, Brook, Rye, Mikey and Jack – I’m in front of Rye if that helps haha) Let’s move on now shall we haha.

In The Tinkerbell Movie Series She’s Presented As Innocent, Adventurous, Kind And All Things Nice But We All Know She Can Be A Jealous And Selfish Brat As Shown In The Peter Pan Animated Movies. Do you agree to disagree? 

Well, I think it’s always interesting when they present the same character differently. I think it’s down whoever the writer is and how they want to portray Tinkerbell – I think it’d be nice to have an adaptation where they mix both the good and bad traits of her to be honest.

If You Could Pick 3 YA Characters To Be Your Beloved Sisters But Would Soon Be Forced To Kill Them To Keep Your Crown, Who Would They Be? 

I mean the sensible thing here is to just pick the ones you dislike cause then killing them won’t be so hard. Sooooo Nesta from ACOTAR by Sarah J Maas, Elena from The Vampire Diaries by L J Smith and Bella from Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

Ahem. Nesta I can sort of tolerate I guess…the other two though. Well, I think the YA world would be better off without their whiny asses. 

If I were to have sisters though and NOT kill them it’d probably be Tessa from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, Celaena from Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas and Merit from Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill. Tessa for the book love, Celaena because I’d not need TV ever again, she’s more entertaining and Merit because she’s badass, loves food and wow I just realised the three I picked are all not human. Wow…go me. 

My Best Post/s 

Are probably the new series of posts I began called Bookworms Explained. Due to me actually having a great ol’ time writing them and also they hopefully do serve as a semi useful reference for those who don’t read – who are friends, related, dating a bookworm.

Bookworms Explained #1: Why We Bring A Book Everywhere With Us

Bookworms Explained #2: Why We Play Hide The Floor

My Nominees

This Dark Material

Cliste Bella

Paperback Dreamer

Northern Plunder

She’s Going Book Crazy

This is Lit


Books At The End Of The Alphabet

Flipping Through the Pages


You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to – but it’s a ton of fun 🙂

5 Questions for the Nominees 

Pick a genre, it can be any genre, within that genre what do you think is missing and/or need improving?

Thoughts on Movie Adaptations vs TV series adaptations? Which do you prefer (if any)?

Your zodiac sign and the Chinese New Year animal you are (Basically I’m a Scorpio and I was born in the Year of the Dragon. If you google Chinese New Year it should come up. As there are 12 animals that rotate around. And the zodiac signs are pretty easy to get 🙂 )

Three things that are on your bucket list?

Favourite dinosaur/pre-historic creature? (yep the weird question, when I was younger I had a huge obsession with dinosaurs and pre-historic animal I still have my encyclopedia with all the different animals and dinosaurs in. My favourite dinosaur is the Triceratops – they’re just cute and I love them.) 

Thank you for reading, nominees make sure to let me know if/when you do this challenge so I can pop over and read it as I’m super curious about some of your answers haha. 


17 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Award

  1. Loved this post, Chloe! And you’re a writer too? I’d love to read some of your poems if you have them up somewhere on the Internet. 😁 And posh accents are amazing—I love them!

    Oh oh and one more thing. I’m Scorpio too! I don’t know if people are proud of their zodiac but I sure am, haha. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aha cheers, I love my accent but often I don’t realise I’ve just said something in a posh way until one of my friends points it out to me haha.

      I’m a proud of Scorpio too! I’ve always love astrology though in terms of zodiac signs and that side of thing haha.

      I have 6 poems up on my wattpad account, but I have many more written I’ll DM you on twitter with a few 🙂 Yep a writer – it’s why I’m going grey already thanks to writers block haha xD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There is NO WAY I’m passing on a chance to ramble about dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures!! Also, I’m very jealous you get to go horseback riding. I’ve only done it a few times and loved it, but living in the city makes it an exceptionally expensive hobby. Thank you so much for the tag ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks so much for the tag – I’ll try to respond quickly to your awesome questions! And I get you on the posh accent thing – I have one of those as well. Definitely gets posher when I go home!

    Liked by 1 person

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