‘We Love Books’ ~ Book Tag

Found this tag here and each questions first letter spells our ‘we love books’ hence the title for this tag. 


What one book from your collection would you keep if all the rest had to be thrown out
or taken away? 

Haha just one book?! You must be crazy but probably Daylighters by Rachel Caine  (the last book in the Morganville Vampires series bk 15) the limited edition copy I have. Which I won, and it’s my prized possession, it’s shiny and hardback and pretty. And I’d save it.  


Each time you read, do you like to have something to munch on or drink next to you?

I don’t eat and read. I can’t deal with it, like no marking my own books thanks, I’m more inclined to drink if I’m reading though. So tea or hot chocolate are my typical drinks anyway and it’s the same when reading.


Love of books: When did it start and what was one of
the first books that you read?

I’ve been reading since I could. Honestly I’ve always been reading, from when I was very little and before I could read I got read to. Being an only child as well pushed me further to books as the characters became my friends, and so on. I think one of the first books I remember reading was the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. I remember it was the first series I read by myself I believe, the others were joined reading with my mum or dad.


One book you would never go back and re-read over?

Twilight or Paper Towns. #sorrynotsorry


Very romantic or very full of action?

I like a mix of both if I’m honest, I do love action heavy books as they’re fast paced but I do love romance thrown in with them too. I don’t know, I think I’d rather have full of action over the romance as sometimes, the romance can break the book instead of make it *cough*Twilight*cough* 


End of a book: cliff hanger or no cliff hanger?

I like both styles of ending. I think ideally if it’s going to be part of a series you want a cliffhanger ending, if it’s the end of the series cliffhangers do still work well as do no cliff hangers. It really depends on how well the author can bring the series to a full circle I think.


Big books or small books?

Fun fact, when I’m buying books at Waterstones or WHSmiths, if I can’t pick between three or more. I narrow down my options by picking the larger book/s. Only because I’m a fast reader, at a peak I can read 100 pages per hour. Of course it depends on the book and whether it’s amazing, addictive and so on. So I’d say big books, smaller books are good for a break but for me a small book is 250-320 pages haha. 


Only one genre or a mixture?

Mixture. You’ll never learn everything from just one genre, the writing differs from genre to genre and as well you’d get bored reading just one genre after a while. Fantasy, Dystopian and Paranormal along with anything that includes a totally new world and system can be draining as you have to get your head round it all. Contemporaries are usually quick and fast but often we don’t love them the same as their fantasy or paranormal counter parts. It’s down to us becoming more attached to the characters, which often in a contemporary you don’t get as it’s a standalone. But that’s just my thoughts.


Olden day books, present day or future? (Victorian
era type, present day, dystopian)

Personally I’ll only read olden day books if it’s Fantasy or Paranormal themed, I’m not a huge fan of Historical Fiction – yet. That could change at some point when I branch out a bit more, we’ll see. Personally I’m more of a present and future kinda girl.


Katniss or Hermione?

Katniss. Kinda feel like this was only a question cause the person who created it, couldn’t think of anything for K but still. 


Stand alone or series?

Series. You tend to get better character development as well as character and plot arcs. That and more time with the characters and world you grow to love. Standalones are great as a break but you don’t quite get the same feeling.


Right so I’m gonna tag some people on twitter when I share this, if you got tagged you don’t have to do it haha, but you can if you want to. Also if you liked this tag and would like to – browse for some other book tags – I have a list of all book tags (original and ones I’ve found) that I’ve done. Here is where you’ll find the list.

I hope you enjoyed this tag, let me know in the comments if you agree with any of my answers or maybe you disagree.


3 thoughts on “‘We Love Books’ ~ Book Tag

    • Aww thank you! And yes you must! Let me know when/if you do and I’ll read yours! I’ve still not watched the film for Paper Towns – I’m so behind though on what films I need to watch anyway haha 🙂


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