Bookworms Explained #2: Why We Play Hide The Floor

Hey fellow bookworms and maybe some non-readers. You’re all welcome here, as today I break down the reasons why some bookworms enjoy hiding their floor. I personally don’t do it that much, not with books anyway. My floor gets hidden with everything else haha. So enjoy, and remember to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Welcome to what will hopefully be a fairly long series of posts, where I attempt to explain the behaviour and thoughts of a bookworm. If you’re a fellow bookworm, leave a comment at the end and tell me your thoughts on the topic. As something I will say, all bookworms have many similarities but we’ve also got our differences. There’s always the odd exception to the rule. 

Now I’m not as bad as some others, but we do have a habit of letting books take over the room – including the floor. Usually you’ll find us with a patch of floor visible but the rest covered in books…that’s not usually out of choice it’s because we have no other choice. We’re avid bookworms, we collect books, live in them and breathe them. We also have a habit of forgetting that we have limited space for books, which is why we stack the books into piles, on the floor; slowly you find the floor space decreasing.

Now for you non-readers you may be thinking of saying or have said to that bookworm person you know, ‘just get rid of some, you can’t possibly read them all again’. Whilst we get it and you’re right, we can’t possibly reread every single book we own – you’re also wrong. You’ve got the correct logic that we seem to lose when it comes to books. As soon as books become involved, all sense leaves the building for us, why?

No clue.

I mean I’d never dream of paying £12 for a top that I’d probably wear again and again, and yet I have to reminded and told no like a bad dog or something to not spend that much on a book.

You see our problem here?

We’re all magpies as well with books, I’m a magpie anyway as I love shiny things but books and shiny? GIMME GIMME GIMME THE BOOK RIGHT NOW! (gold shiny stars to those who got that reference to a song) Anyway, we love pretty covers as I’m sure you’re aware. And I’ll be explaining that later on in another edition of Bookworms Explained.

There’s never going to be enough room for all our books, so we use the floor, I mean at least then it’s being useful to us. I for one don’t really do this due to owning paperbacks, they’re very fragile things and they stress me out so much. I refuse to buy hardbacks though, can’t stand the dust jackets. So due to owning a lot of paperbacks you don’t often see books on the floor, when you do see them on the floor that’s how you know we’ve got s serious space issue. 

If you’re living with a bookworm and they have a habit of covering the floor with books, just leave them alone. Don’t approach them on this topic unless ABSOLUTELY necessary as we’re defensive over our books. Your alternative is to buy them a bookcase  as a present, then we’d not have this issue and you’d have our love, gratitude and respect for all of *checks watch* well however long we remember you bothered to buy us a bookcase. We’ll most likely get distracted by organising our shelves – but deep down we’d be grateful. Basically, the floor becomes an extension of our bookcase/s and you telling us otherwise, isn’t going to do much.

I mean what else are floors for? Walking on?

Yes they are but at least they serve a useful purpose this way.

That’s it for now, watch this space next Friday for another edition of Bookworms Explained. Thank you so much for reading, and please leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts on this topic. Are you an exception to this like I am, and don’t cover your floor with stacks of books? Let me know your thoughts please and once again, thank you for reading.


20 thoughts on “Bookworms Explained #2: Why We Play Hide The Floor

    • Ah thank you! See I have shelves on my wall that have been there since before I was born, but there’s not enough space for ALL of my wonderful books to go on there. So a lot of them (most of my TBR) are in boxes in the corner below the shelves. I need a big bookcase really haha

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  1. I identify with so many of these! My floor definetely has a few book stacks, I also loathe hardbacks (only buy them for things I can’t WAIT to read), and I barely ever buy clothes cause I see no point when I could have books instead 😂
    Amy x

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