Bookworms Explained #1: Why we bring a book everywhere with us…

Welcome to what will hopefully be a fairly long series of posts, where I attempt to explain the behavior and thoughts of a bookworm. If you’re a fellow bookworm, leave a comment at the end and tell me your thoughts on the topic. As something I will say, all bookworms have many similarities but we’ve also got our differences. There’s always the odd exception to the rule. 

Hellooooo! So I was brainstorming for a bit on a new segment for my blog and came up with this. Bookworms Explained, and as the title suggests, these posts are me explaining us bookworms. I’d just like to say that as always these are obviously my own thoughts and opinions, as NOT every bookworm will take a book with them everywhere. But you’ll realise pretty quickly, one way or another, we have a book with us somehow.


Now if you’re a non-reader and you’ve stumbled across here, or maybe your partner, friend, relative is a bookworm and told you to read this. Either way, I’d just like to point out that trying to make us leave the house without a book, is a miracle that doesn’t occur very often. 

I think the main reason we take a book with us everywhere is it’s a comfort thing. We may not always have time to read but we like knowing, that if we did have time to read, we have a book with us. As well as it being a comfort thing, it’s also so we have a hope of actually reading. Like maybe if we bring a book with us everywhere, we’ll actually read and not procrastinate and do everything else BUT read.

Another thing to remember, if we don’t have an actual book on us, you’ll probably find out that we’re either listening to an audio book or we have a kindle with us. Now if we’re still in a form of education it’s more likely we’ll have a kindle with us, particularly those of us who are at college/uni. Why? Well because carrying over 9 books around with you can be quite tiring, and also they’d not all fit in our bag. We like having a wide selection of books to choose from, as you’ll find out. The majority of us tend to be indecisive readers, particularly when buying new books or picking new books to read from our shelves/kindle. So having a kindle is pretty handy, tons of books all in once place, easy to carry and plenty of choice. For me, I take one physical book with me to college. And sometimes I’ll add in another book it depends really. I’m a fast reader with physical books and I don’t read a whole lot of eBooks or Audio but those that do have an easier time in a way, because the book doesn’t take up as much physical space in your bag.

Lastly if we ever want to avoid social situations its always reassuring to us knowing we have reading material on us. We’re usually pretty antisocial it’s not you don’t worry…it’s the book. We’ll pick a book over people 99% of the time and if you’re lucky enough to be in the 1% treasure it and realise that person must love you a lot to choose you over the book. 


That’s it for now, watch this space next Friday for another edition of Bookworms Explained. Thank you so much for reading, and please leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts on this topic. Are you the exception to this and don’t take a book everywhere with you? Let me know your thoughts please and once again, thank you for reading.


24 thoughts on “Bookworms Explained #1: Why we bring a book everywhere with us…

    • I’m so jelly of you! I don’t drive either, I’ve not taken my driving test yet. But I also get travel sick anyway, and when I read it sometimes gets really bad. So I don’t really read on my travels 😦


  1. What a great series idea! Maybe I’m in the minority of book lovers, but I don’t actually carry a book with me everywhere. I like a really quiet environment when I read so I don’t do it often in public; sometimes I wish I wasn’t so picky though!

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    • Ah thank you! I was sat yesterday trying to think of a series idea to breathe a bit more variety into my blog and this was born.

      See I knew there would be the exception to the rule. I can’t actually read in the quiet, I can’t do much in quiet or silence. I read and write (both my stories and blog posts) listening to music with lyrics. If I don’t part of my brain gets distracted and I never get anything done.


  2. Nice post! I have started taking a book with myself every time after moving to the new city because I have to travel by bus now. It takes me one and a half hour in morning to reach office and same in the evening to come back. So yes, carrying a book is the best. Sometimes I just have KIndle and sometime I carry my current read 🙂

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  3. I love this post, and I am definitely following your series. The problem is we don’t carry a book, we carry at least 2 and the kindle or mobile where we have access to about 100s of books. What if I finish the book I am reading? You don’t expect me to talk to a stranger RIGHT? That is why WE CARRY EXTRA BOOOKS.

    I knew fellow bookworms would understand this. Thankss 🙂

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    • Ah so glad you love it, I’m super excited to be writing this series hehe.

      That is a very true statement. It’s why I ALWAYS carry at least one. Usually I have two though, stranger danger isn’t a problem for us we have our nose in a book 95% of the time in social situations were there’s the chance someone could talk to us.


  4. Hahaha this is so me. Travelling to my university takes me around an hour or more depending on traffic, so I’m always reading from my Kindle during the trip. I almost always end up finishing one ebook within two days!

    Looking forward to this series 😀

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  5. YES CLO!!! YESSSSS!!! I take a book to get out of social situations ALWAYS. I’ll even pretend to be on social media while I’m actually reading if I can’t admit to what I’m doing because “it’s not polite to ignore people in favor of books” or so I’ve been told. I may or may not have used books to help me get through a boring class too. Shh, don’t tell that part! I also use it during my commute. I don’t drive (yet) so I’m always reading, either on my kindle app or a physical book that I brought with me. I imagine that once I’ll drive I’ll have an audiobook with me all the time, because I don’t think I can get out of the habit of reading while going places. I can’t wait to see what your other posts in this series are about!


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