Christmas Cracker ~ Book Tag

Oh my god look, a Christmas themed booktag! Are we proud of me? I’m proud of me, mainly because I’m perhaps the least Christmassy person ever! Anyway I found this tag over at The Book Loving Nut – hope you enjoy the tag. Feel free to do this tag as well if you want to.

1. Find a book with a wintry cover

Related image

When you mainly read fantasy, paranormal and contemporaries which aren’t really set in winter…it’s kinda hard. Particularly since for paranormal and fantasy the favourite colour is black. Contemporaries are all bright and colourful though. Gotta say though, that cover still makes me smile, it’s just so pretty and night and ugh…I could stare at it all day.


2. Pick a book you’re likely to buy as a present

A present for whom? My family aren’t huge readers, and my mum just borrows my books…much to my panic nowadays because those books are my precious babies. My friends don’t read except for one, but we don’t buy each other books, it’s at the point where we honestly don’t know what the others read because we read so much. So erm if its any book, possibly The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare or the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo.


3. Pick a festive themed book

Related image

So this came out in 2016 I believe, I also read it around December time last year. It’s one of the books I’ll eventually get round to buying, since I borrowed it from the library. Anyway, this book is CHRISTMAS! Seriously, I don’t read festive themed books out of choice, but this book well the cover is positively stunning, and the story melted my heart into a puddle. If you want a festive read but aren’t sure on one, give this a chance, a Christmas tree farm? Romance? Christmas romance at that and secrets as well? What’s not to love? Oh wait the fact that all good stories have an end…sad times.


4. Pick a book you can curl up with by the fireplace

Honestly the only books coming to mind are the shadowhunter books, because its like returning home, or the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. 


5. Pick a book you want to read over the festive period

Everything on my TBR? *cries* Honestly I don’t know, I’m still chugging away at reading Invictus by Ryan Graudin, Enchantica by Andrew Bill, rereading A Clockwork Angel. And reading Awoken by Sarah Noffke. I do want to finish all of these though, so that’s perhaps my job for over this festive period.


6. Pick a book that’s so good it gives you chills

Just one?! Um ok, let’s see, Soulmates by Holly Bourne, it was soooo good it ripped my heart out, tore it to shreds and made me cry. Highly recommend though, it’s truly not a love story. At least – not the one you’re all thinking about.


7. Pick a book going on your Christmas wishlist

The Percy Jackson series. As a kid I didn’t have any interest in that series, I gravitated heavily towards the paranormal and fantasy stuff, in honesty I still do. There’s one sure way to my heart, give me books about vampires, werewolves, slayers/demon hunters or anything supernatural – I’ll love you forever. And by that I mean until I totally forget about you and fall in love with the book and the characters. 


So it’s so close to being Christmas! How are you all coping? Stressed or relaxed? I mean personally I’m in between, I’m chilled out for Christmas but stressed over other things. Such is life though. If you’d like to read more book tags I’ve both written and found, HERE is a list of all the ones I’ve done. 

~ Chloe


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