RoadTrip ~ Book Tag (ORIGINAL)

So…hi. I don’t know if any fellow roadies are reading this but if you are then hi, I love you and I hope you’re having a great day. For those of you who don’t know who RoadTrip are here’s their YouTubeTwitter, Instagram. Basically they’re a boyband (British and Irish: Andy, Rye, Brooklyn, Mikey and Jack) who so far have two EP’s out, a ton of covers and they have vlogs too. Honestly love them so much, and so I thought well why not do another book tag, only this time with RoadTrip’s songs, so here we go.

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From left to right (Mikey, Rye, Brooklyn, Jack and Andy) also its an olidish picture but you know.


1 – Miss Taken: A ship that you know will never happen because one is taken/uninterested etc

*strokes imaginary beard* Adrian and Rose from The Vampire Academy. I mean come on, she’s only got eyes for Dimitri. Someone protect Adrian, he’s precious and needs protecting from careless girls who can’t decide what they want.


2 – After The Show: You know when those two characters FINALLY give in to the chemistry? Yeah them, who are they?

Will and Tessa anyone? No? Ok let me just say this, if you’ve not read The Infernal Devices yet…I’m concerned about what you’ve been doing. I don’t care if you dislike it, at least you’ve read it to have an opinion on it. back to the point, IT WAS A LONG TIME COMING THAT WAS! And when Magnus walked in *laughs* oh god, I will never get tired of that series or Magnus. Can I leave reality yet? Please?


3 – I Wasn’t Worried: Solid couple/friendship that has no worries about the other leaving them

Adam and Ronan from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. Disclaimer I may have forgotten Adam’s name for like a few months…I couldn’t remember his damn name, highly frustrating.


4 – Doing That Thing We Do: A couple whose relationship isn’t exactly, ‘public’ knowledge. i.e the other characters are clueless. 


Perfect one, like they’re not actually a couple but it counts cause they full on love each other and its very complicated. Jules and Emma from The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare. If you’ve read LM and LoS you know what I’m on about, cause the amount of face palming, screaming and shaking my head at these two I did. Unreal. Honestly, those two will be the DEATH of me.


5 – No, No, No: Two characters who aren’t dating, but are friends with benefits.

Oooo Bianca and Wes from The DUFF. Fits this to a T hehe, I haven’t seen the film, read the book though. Should I consider watching the film? 


6 – Tokyo Hotel: A couple who survived the distance (or apocalypse, trials or something equally as awful.)


7 – Not Giving Up: Despite all odds, they’re still together/friends

Ironically Jacob and Bella are, from Twilight. How does that work? I feel like he should just cut her off but you know…the erm whole I imprinted onto your daughter thing happened. God I used to love Twilight, now I hate it, actually no I hate Bella. Edward needs a different girl who’s not needing to be saved cause girls don’t need saving constantly. We can kick ass unless you’re Bella from Twilight, she can’t kick anything or anyone. But hey, 10 year old me loved that series. 17 year old me doesn’t. We grow and our tastes change.


8 – Don’t Break My Heart: Your all time OTP and if they broke up (or never got together) your heart would be broken…forever.

Damn…ok my first one is Kaz and Inej. If you’ve read that duology by Leigh Bardugo, yeah the feels damn. Love them to pieces though and Celaena with Dorian. *cough* mind your step, my hearts pieces are all over the floor. Just know I fully respect her choice…but I am sat here praying those two. Chaol. Well firstly Chaol is pronounced Kale what is up with that?! I first read Throne of Glass in 2012 and was going Ch-a-ol. It sounded weird but you know, I didn’t think it was ‘Kale’.


9 – When It’s Over: Sparks fly with these two characters…who are they? 

Not read ACOTAR by Sarah J Maas – please kindly skip ahead – unless of course you have no intention of reading it. In which case, feel free to read on.

Feyre and Rhys. That’s all I have to say. ACOMAF was by far the best book in that series, ACOWAR was a semi let down, there was a huge build and they ALL lived! I prepared myself for being a puddle of emotions, for no reason. I mean come on, I thought a main character was gonna die…regardless ACOMAF: Rhys and Feyre. I hope you have holy water to hand.


10 – Stranger: Two characters who used to be best mates/dating but now they’re like strangers.

Ha right so if you intend to read Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill, skip down to my outro. Ethan and Merit. What a lovely relationship they have, I’m only using them because well SPOILER FOR BK 3 HE DIES! *cackles* however he does come back to life, I mean its a 13 book series. He’s a main character and is hawt. 


Well that was fun, and it made me realise RoadTrip seem to enjoy writing love related songs, which isn’t all bad. Just makes creating a book tag kinda hard, cause there’s only so many love related questions my little brain can think of!

~ Chloe



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