25 Bookish Facts About Me ~ Book Tag

Hey guys, so I realised that because I’m A class procrastinator the next Down The TBR Hole isn’t ready yet, hopefully it’ll get done though so it can go out later on today but for now. Here we have 25 Bookish Facts about me.


Slytherclaw (primarily Slytherin)

I’ve never read the Harry Potter books nor do I intend to

My Top 3 Favourite genres are paranormal, fantasy and contemporary 

Books were there for me, when I felt like I had no one to turn to, and for that reason I will always love and appreciate books and words.

From a young age, characters were my friends, and I would bring them to life by just talking to myself. I know weird, but I’m an only child and I didn’t have anyone else to talk to. So I used my imagination and brought the characters from books, to life. 

On average I read 4 books a month.

Never dog eared a book page in my life, bookmarks are a thing for a reason, also anything else can be a bookmark! No page creases allowed in my books.

I don’t like to eat and read at the same time, my book pages need to be as pristine as possible.

Reading in the bath…I’ve done it and sometimes do it but not with my own books. I use library books, couldn’t risk it with my own *hides behind pillow*

I would happily get rid of my bed for move bookshelves.

I can read and listen to music (both with and without lyrics)

I’m also able to read whilst the TV is on, but sometimes I do end up having to leave as I get too distracted.

When writing or reading I find it best to listen to music whilst I’m doing either, I actually can’t write my stories in silence. Poetry I can. Stories I can’t, I have to have music on.

I prefer paperbacks to hardbacks – they take up less room and are cheaper

Hardbacks…I actually hate them with dust jackets I can’t deal with the dust jacket as they get crinkled etc. I prefer the hardbacks that have the cover printed onto the actual cover and not a jacket.

I’m more than happy to drink tea and read

Never tried audio books but reading ebooks or books on screen actually take me longer to read than a physical book

When I’m book buying, if I can’t pick between two books I’ll see which book has more pages, and get that one because of how fast I read books. I have to get my money’s worth *grins*

I’m found reading anywhere, at home though either my bed or the chair in the lounge are my favourite reading spots

I take a book with me wherever I go

Correction I ALWAYS take one book wherever I go, often I take two though

I have huge issues over the fact that the publishers don’t have a standard books size, it’d make our lives a lot less stressful you know…I have to double check now that the books are the correct size

I can’t arrange my shelves rainbow colours – firstly I don’t have all the colours and secondly I can’t deal with breaking up series.

If my nose isn’t stuck in a book, I’ll be found either writing, obsessing over TV shows, crying over my current read, drinking tea and/or procrastinating. Oh and planning stuff out for my blog

But lets be real, my nose is often found in a book.


Also thoughts on the dragons? I drew the little cutie too, lemme know some bookish facts about you in the comments! Aaaaaand if you’re reading this, and want to do this tag, I tag you.

~ Chloe


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