Musical Shuffle Book Tag

Created by the lovely Bex @ Becca Leighanne I love music, so this tag was perfect! I also got tagged by the lovely Esme @ esmoogle several months back, I’m sorry this took me so long to post. It’s literally been gathering dust in my drafts whoops.

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Imagine If Two Bookdragons Got Married

I hear wedding bells? Oh no it’s just the screams of a bookdragon having their heart torn out, as a fictional character died. My bad. Hehe, sometimes us bookdragons just want to settle down, what happens though when we want to settle down with a fellow bookdragon?

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A Myers-Briggs Test for Readers…What’s Your Bookish “Type”? (Novel Newcomers: Alex @ Scribbles & Stories)

Y’all should get some paper and a pen ready (or your phone) so you can answer the questions as you read to find out your bookish type! Today for Novel Newcomers, Alex is on the blog with this awesome guest post.

You can find Alex’s social links at the end and be sure to let us know your bookish type in the comments!

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How We Manage School And Blogging (ft Jayati @ Its A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile)

Sometimes we just get swallowed by school, or Uni or just education in general. It’s rude, it happens and then our blogs are just crying at us. Screaming for attention, love that we just can’t give. Since you know education swallowed us whole. In an attempt to help you all not get swallowed by education, today Jayati @ It’s Just Another Coffee Addicted Bibliophile and I will be sharing how we manage both “school” and blogging!

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